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AP Jia You L6-1

Jia You Lesson 6 text 1

主持人 host zhǔ chí rén
来历 origin lái lì
繁体 traditional Chinese character fántǐ
正巧 by chance zhèngqiǎo
甲乙丙丁 first,second, third, fourth jiǎyǐbǐngdīng
唯一 only wēiyī
望子成龙 wàng zǐ chéng lóng - hope for one's son to be successful wàngzǐchénglóng
期望 hope,expectation (elder to younger) qīwàng
儿童观 philosophy toward childraising értóngguān
to control guǎn
规范 to restrict guīfàn
天性 natural disposition tiānxìng
纳闷儿 to feel puzzled nàmen'er
安慰 to comfort ānwèi
向来 always xiàng lái
主张 to advocate,recommend zhǔ zhāng
天真 innocent tiān zhēn
只身 solitarily zhī shēn
to move qiān
半大小子 bandaxiaozi,teenager bàn dà xiǎo zi
久别重逢 to reunite after a long time jiǔ bié chóng féng
打招呼 to greet somebody dǎ zhāo hu
to lean on (a stick) zhǔ
手杖 walking stick shǒu zhàng
站台 platform zhàn tái
shēn - stretch shēn
平辈 person of the same generation píng bèi
郑重其事 to take something seriously zhèng zhòng qí shì
传递 chuándì, to pass,hand chuán dì
专心 to concentrate hard zhuān xīn
衣食住行 basic necessities yī shí zhù xíng
温情 tender wēn qíng
和蔼 amiable hé ǎi
方式 way fāng shì
出差 to go on a business trip chū chāi
皮带 leather belt pí dài
琢磨 to ponder; to think over zhuó mo
细致 attentive to detail xì zhì
含蓄 implicit hán xù
关爱 care and love guān ài


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