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macro- large
hypo- lack of, deficient
cata- down
auto- self own
ante- before
pseudo- false
eu- good normal
ad- toward
ec- out, ouside
ana- up, apart
hemi- half
dys- painful, bad, difficult, abnormal
epi- above, upper
intra- in, inside, within
dia- through, complete
micro- small
anti- against
brady- slow
pro- before
syn- together, with
de- lack of, down
post- after, behind
path/o disease
oste/o bone
bi/o life
neur/o nerve
myel/o spinal cord, bone marrow
cyst/o urinary bladder, sac of fluid, cyst
cephal/o head
gnos/o knowledge
derm/o skin
crin/o to secrete
ur/o urinary tract, urine, urea, urology
leuk/o white
sarc/o flesh
sect/o to cut
iatr/o physician, treatment
ped/o child
enter/o small intestines
gynec/o woman, female
electr/o electricity
onc/o tumor
cis/o to cut
abdomin/o abdomen
anter/o front
cervic/o neck of body, neck of uterus, cervix
crani/o skull
later/o abdomen
medi/o middle
poster/o behind, back
thorac/o thorax, chest
cost/o ribs
gloss/o tongue
ox/o oxygen
mort/o death
seps/o infection
glyc/o sugar
spen/o spleen
necr/o death of cells, death of body
my/o muscle
chron/o time
lymph/o lymph
angi/o vessel
mast/o breast
chem/o drug, chemical
sacr/o sacrum
ot/o ear
rect/o rectum
trache/o trachea
umbilic/o navel, umbilicus
blephar/o eyelid
hydr/o water, fluid
-graphy process of recording
-centesis surgical puncture to remove fluid
-emia blood condition
-coccus berry shaped bacteria
-megaly enlargement
-stomy stoma- new opening to form a mouth
-stasis stopping, controlling
-trophy developement,nourishment
-er one who
-therapy treatment
-ist specialist
-lysis breakdown, destruction, separation
-algia pain
-gram record
-phobia fear
-penia deficiency
-opsy to view
-plasia growth, formation, developement
-scopy instrument for visual examination
-malacia softening
-osis abnormal condition
-pathy disease condition
-ia condition
-um structure, tissue
-ary pertaining to
-ule small, little
-ptosis drooping, sagging, prolapse
-sclerosis hardening
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