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201 RMIP

Chapter 3

Consent Legally given permission to participate in a study.
Assent Willingness to participate in a study
Coercion Copelling or influencing a decision to participate in a study
Debriefing The process of informing participants after the session of the experimenter's true purpose to increase their understanding and to remove possible hamrful effects of deception.
Plagriarism Attempt to present another person's work as your own.
Animal rights The notion that animals have the same sort of rights as people, including legal rights' not generally accepted.
Animal welfare The generally accepted term for concerns about the care and use of animals.
Speciesism Term used by analogy with racism and sexism by those who claim that it is unethical to treat animals differently from humans, particularly in research.
All psychological research should be guided by... ...the APA ethics code
The decision to conduct research often presents a conflict between what 2 factors? 1.The commitment to expanding knowledge 2.the potential cost to the research participant
Although it is impossible to avoid all risk to research participants, what should researchers consider? Whether people would willingly put themselves into such a situation in ordinary life.
What documentation is required by the participant prior to starting the experimental conductions of the research? Informed consent
The APA position on infromed consent differs from medical practice in that subjects need to be informed about only about what? Aspects of the research that might be expected to influence their willingness to participate.
Although some researchers hold that deception is always objectionable, the APA code permits deception provided that... ... the participant is provided with a sufficient explanation as soon afterward as is feasible.
Researchers should respect the right of ____ of their participants and be careful about the possibility of ____. privacy, coercion
When should participants be debriefed? As soon after their part in the study as feasible.
Although the traditional and dominant view is that the researcher maintains control over the experimenal situation and the participant in the interest of objectivity, humanistic psychologists consider what of the participant?? That the participant be a colleague who cooperates in providing the data.
In what 2 ways is fraud in science a matter of serious concern? 1. Data are easily faked 2. Scientists have so much influence in our society.
What are the 2 major deterrents to fraud? 1.Realization that important experiments are likely to be replicated 2. Data is made public for verification purposes.
Acceptable practice in animal experimentation consists of what 2 steps? 1. Ensuring that the scientific benefit of the study warrants whatever discomfort is caused to the animals 2. That the animals are kept in comfortable and sanitary conditions
It is important to distinguish between the terms animal ____ and animal ____. Psychologists support the concept of animal ____. rights, welfare, welfare
Most institutions doing animal research have ____ ____ committees that oversee what? animal care, the operation of animal facilities
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