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Social Studies Nissa

Chapter 1 The Geography of Texas Vocabulary

barrier island a long narrow island that lies just off the coast.
basin a large bowl - shap deprssion in earth surace.
blizzard a storm with high winds and lots of sonw.
climate the limit the use of something in order to protect it frpm waste oeruse.
conserve to limit the use of something in order to prodect it from waste overuse.
drought a period of time with little rain.
endangered something that is in danger of disappearing forever, such as plants and animals.
escarpment a long, steep slope or cliff.
groundwater water that is located below the surface.
habitat a place in nature where plants and animals live.
natural resources anything found in nature that is useful to people.
natural vegetation plants that have grown naturally in an area for a long time without being planted or watered.
nonrenewable resources a natural resource that is available in limited supplies that cannot be replaced or renewed.
norther a powerful mass of cold air.
plateau a level area higher than the currounding land.
pollution chemicals and other harmful sustances that can damage the water, air, or land.
precipitation moisture that falls to the ground as rain, snow, sleet or hail.
region an area with common features that set it apart from other areas.
renewable resources a resource that can be restored or renewed.
reservoir a natural or artificial lake used to reserve or store water.
spring a place where groundwater comes to the surface.
threatened when a species is likely to become endangered.
tornado a fierce swirling funnel of wind created by thunderstorms.
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