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Police Powers

Key Terms

An Arrest the removal of a persons liberty for a tempory period
Breach to break or violate a law, agreement or other regulation. Also, failing to fulfil a duty or obligation
Custody the exercise of power to deprive a person of their liberty
Indictable Offence -a serious criminal offence which must be tried by the crown court
Warrant a legal document signed by a judge giving police permission to carry out a particular action such as an arrest or search
Summons a formal request to attend court
Reasonable Suspicion police officers must have reasonable grounds to suspect you have been, currently are, or will be involved with a criminal act.
Fixed Penalty Notice a set penalty issued on the spot by police, usually for an amount of money
Detained held in custody
Under Caution an interview where you are informed of your rights. information provided while under caution can be used in court
Prosecution when legal proceedings are established against a person or organisation
Solicitor lawyer who deals with a whole range of legal matters
Fraud An act of deception intended for personal gain or to cause loss to another person
Double Jeopardy the rule which prevents defendants being tried twice for the same crime.
Acquitted found not guilty of a particular crime
Human Trafficking the movement of people across borders usually by force or deception in order to exploit them for financial gain
Bail after being charged with an offence, bail is being granted liberty under certain conditions until the next stage in your case
Controlled Drug any substance whose availability and use is restricted by law. Controlled drugs are organised into categories depending on their usefulness as a medicine and potential for misuse
Civil Court a law court which deal with the private affairs of citizens such as marriage and property ownership
Remand if you are placed in remand, it means you are imprisoned until your trial
Curfew a set of deadline by which young people have to return to a certain place
Legislation law which has been created and enacted by a governing body such as government
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