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B-General Building 4


Define "I" in Electrical Calculations "I"=current (Measured in Amps)
Define "V, or E" in Electrical Calculations "V" = voltage (Measured in Volts)
Define "R" in Electrical Calculations "R" = resistance (Measured in Ohms)
Define "P" or "W" in Electrical Calculations "P" = power (Measured in Watts)
Define Volts The potential difference across the conductor which causes the current to flow
Define Ohms The resistance of the conductor that must be overcome
Define Amps The strength maintained in the conductor when the resistance is overcome
Define Watt's Law Power (Watts) = I (Amps) x E (Volts)
Define Ohm's Law E (Volts) = R (Ohms) x I (Amps)
What are the (3) basic requirements for placement of a Electrical Panel 10' from corner or wall, 3' from windows, doors, or gas meters, 4'-6' from grade
How many feet can the SE cables hang over the finished roof? 6 feet
The "Mast" or "Weather-head" must be positioned no more than _______ higher than the eave 4 feet
A Kitchen Receptacle is required on any countertop at least _______ in width 1 foot
What is the 2 ft./4 ft. rule in electrical? Counter-top Receptacle placement in a Kitchen must be no more than 2 feet from any point on a wall without hitting receptacle
What is the maximum heighth a receptacle may be from the countertop 20 inches
Islands and Peninsulas, in kitchens, require _______ at least 1 GFI protected receptacle
A Island or Peninsula receptacle must be placed in the cabinet no more than _______ lower than the countertop 12 inches
Overhangs exceeding ________ are not allowed above an in-cabinet kitchen receptacle 6 inches
GFCI protection is required in which 8 instances? Bathrooms, Kitchen, Dishwasher Circuits, Laundry Room, 6 feet of any sink, Outdoors, Garages, unfinished basement
one 20-amp outlet is required in the laundry room within ______ of the machines 6 feet
ALL bedroom outlets should be AFCI protected
Any outlet within 6 feet of a sink should be GFCI protected
Any wall that is _______ or more in width requires a receptacle 2 feet
What is the 6 ft./12 ft. rule in electrical? 6' from any spot on the wall there should be a receptacle
Receptacles are required in hallways that are greater than _______ in length 10 feet
Receptacles must be mounted less than ________ high 5 1/2 feet
If a floor receptacle is placed more than _______ from the wall, it does not count towards the 6 ft./12 ft. Rule 18 inches
Receptacles are required within ______ of each bathroom basin 3 feet
Receptacles are REQUIRED outdoors at front and rear of dwelling, they must be no higher than ______ above grade 6 1/2 feet
Receptacles are required for balconies if they are greater than 20 square feet
Outdoor locations that may get wet require _________ on all receptacles GFI protection and In-Use covers
Lighting may be a switched receptacle EXCEPT in Kitchens and Bathrooms
Interior stairs required switched lighting at both ends if over _______ stairs exist 6
Lighting is required on all exterior doors EXCEPT Garage vehicle doors
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