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table 4.2

vaccines commonly handled by pharmacy technicians

haemophilus influenza B injection refrigerate haemophilus influenza type B in children
Hepatitis A injection refrigerate for patients at high risk of exposure to Hep A
Hep B injection refrigerate hep B in children
HPV injection refrigerate for girls and boys and women and men
HIB +hep B Injection refrigerate haemophilus influenza and Hep B in children
Influenza (afluria, fluarix, flulaval, fluvirin, fluzone) injection refrigerate influenza in children and adults recommended for healthcare workers
influenza (flumist) intranasal refrigerate influenza in patients 2- 50 years old recommended for healthcare workers
Japanese encephalitis injection refrigerate recommended for patients at high risk of exposure to japanese encephalitis
measles, mumps and rubella Injection room temp during shipping refrigerate during storage in pharmacy protect from light MMR in adults and children
meningococcal (menomune, menactra) injection refrigerate recommended for patients at high risk of exposure to neisseria meningitidis
pneumococcal, conjugate (prevnar) injection refrigerate pneumonia and otis media (ear infections) in children
pneumococcal , polyvalent (pneumovax) injection refrigerate pneumonia in patients <2 years old or>50 years old
Polio inactivated or or IPV (IPOL) injection refrigerate poliovirus in children
rotavirus (rotarix, RotaTeq) oral refrigerate protect from light rotavirus in children and infants
typhoid (vivotif berna, typhim Vi) oral, injection PO: refrigerate or freeze injection: refrigerate (don't freeze) PO: salmonella typhi in adults and children inj: recommended for patients at high risk of typhoid fever
varicella (varivax) injection frozen ( refrigerate for 72 hours only) chicken pox in children
yellow fever (YF- vax) injection frozen during shipping refrigerate during storage in pharmacy recommended for patients at high risk to yellow fever
Zoster (zostavax) injection refrigerate or room temperature Herpes zoster (shingles) in patients >60 years old
bcg injection refrigerate recommended for patients at high risk of exposure to tuberculosis
diphteria, tetanus, and pertussis injection refirgerate diphteria, tetanus, and/or pertussis
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