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HH Rules

Acute Senses If a unit contains at least one model with this special rule, and that unit arrives on a random table edge (due to Outflank or other special rules), then you can re-roll to see which table edge they will arrive from.
Adamantium Will A unit which contains at least one model with this special rule receives a +1 to Deny the Witch tests.
Agile A unit with this special rule increases any cover saves granted by Jink by +1
Armourbane If a model has this special rule, or is attacking with a Melee or Shooting weapon that has it, it rolls an additional D6 for AP in close combat or shooting respectively. (Vehicles only)
Assault Vehicle Passengers disembarking can charge on the same turn (even if vehicle was destroyed) unless it arrived from Reserve that turn.
Automated Artillery Does not require crew to function. Gun must be destroyed normally. Cannot move and cannot charge. Attackers hit automatically, roll to wound normally. Cannot be locked in combat. If loses combat, nothing happens. If wins, attackers take morale, no more.
Battlesmith Base contact or embarked on vehicle. Roll D6 instead of shooting. On 5+: restore 1HP, or repair weapon or repair immobilized.
Blind Take Initiative test at end of phase, if failed all models in unit reduced to WS1 and BS1 for next turn.
Bulky Bulky = 2 models for transport capacity Very Bulky = 3 models Extremely Bulky = 5 models
Chosen Warriors May issue and accept challenges.
Concussive A model that suffers an unsaved wound from a weapon with Concussive is reduced to I1 until end of next assault phase.
Counter-attack Units with this special rule gain +1 attack when charged.
Crawling Fire Blast marker may be moved up to 2” as long as it covers more models than previously.
Crusader A unit that contains at least one model with Crusader rolls an extra D6 on runs and takes the highest. Also adds D3 to Sweeping Advance totals.
Cumbersome A model can only make a single attack at WS1 in the attack phase, regardless of bonuses or special rules.
Daemon Models with this special rule have a 5+ invulnerable save and have the Fear special rule.
Deadly Cargo If a vehicle takes HP damage but is not destroyed, roll a D6. On a 6 the vehicle explodes.
Deflagrate After normal attacks resolved, number of unsaved wounds added as automatic hits with same weapon profile. Models must still be in range.
Duellist’s Edge When fighting in a challenge, user gains +1 Initiative.
Eternal Warrior If a model suffers an unsaved wound that inflicts Instant Death is only reduces its Wound by 1, instead of reducing to 0.
Exoshock If this weapon successfully scores a pen on a target, roll a D6. On a 4+ a second auto pen is inflicted with no cover saves allowed.
Fear At start of each Fight sub-phase a unit in base contact with a model with Fear must take Leadership test. If failed, all models in unit reduced to WS1.
Fearless Units containing at least one model with Fearless auto pass Pinning, Fear, Regroup and Morale checks but cannot Go to Ground or Our Weapons are Useless.
Feel No Pain If a unit suffers an unsaved wound it may roll a D6, on a 5+ it is saved. Can be used against attacks that state “no saves of any kind allowed”. Cannot be used against Destroyer weapons or Instant Death.
Fleet A unit composed entirely of models with Fleet can re-roll one or more dice for Run and Charge range.
Fleshbane Always wounds on a 2+ in close combat or shooting. No effect against vehicles or buildings.
Furious Charge Model gains +1 to Strength on the charge, unless it made a disordered charge.
Gets Hot For each To Hit roll of 1 the model suffers a save-able wound. Cannot be allocated to other models. Vehicles roll D6, 1, 2, or 3, suffers a glancing hit.
Graviton Pulse Instead of rolling to wound normally, each model hit must roll a D6 under their Strength (6 is always a failure). Leave blast marker to count as diff and dangerous terrain for the next turn.
Hammer of Wrath Each model in base contact with enemy make one auto hit at Init 10 at unmodified Strength, no bonuses. Against Walkers always Front armor unless immobilized.
Hatred Re-roll all failed To Hit rolls against a Hated enemy during the first round of combat.
Haywire If hits a vehicle, roll a D6 instead of normal armour pen roll. 1: No effect. 2-5: Glancing hit. 6: Pen
Heat Seeker Jink saves may not be taken against attacks with this special rule.
Hit & Run At least one model in unit. Pass initiative test to leave combat at end of any Assault phase. Roll 3D6 and move full distance. Enemy makes D6 consolidation. Not slowed by diff terrain, but test Dangerous terrain.
Ignores Cover It literally ignores cover. You know this, Dillon. Why am I even including this? For completion sake. That’s why.
Instant Death Unsaved wounds automatically reduce Wounds to 0 and removed as casualty.
Interceptor At the end of enemy Movement, the weapon can be fired at any one unit that arrived from reserve within its range and LOS. Cannot shoot that weapon in following turn.
It Will Not Die At the end of each of your turns, roll a D6 and on a 5+ regain 1 Wound or Hull point lost earlier in the game.
Jink When unit is selected in enemy shooting, you may declare Jink and gain 4+ cover. Can only fire snap shots on following turn.
Lance Weapons with Lance count Armour Values that are higher than 12 as 12.
Lingering Death Leave Blast marker for rest of game and treat it as dangerous terrain for all models with a Toughness value and open-topped vehicles.
Master-crafted Reroll one failed To Hit roll.
Melta Roll an additional D6 when rolling to penetrate a vehicle’s armor when at half range or less.
Missile Lock Reroll failed To Hit on One Use Only weapons. If blast weapon, only scatters 1D6 instead of 2D6.
Monster Hunter Re-rolls all failed To Wound rolls against Monsterous Creatures.
Move Through Cover At least one model with Move Through Cover then unit rolls extra D6 for moving through difficult and is not slowed by charging through difficult. Auto passes Dangerous Terrain.
Murderous Strike Attacks cause Instant Death on To Wound roll of 6
Night Vision A unit with at least one model with Night Vision ignores Night Fighting.
Outflank From reserves, but not ongoing reserves. Roll a D6, 1-2 left edge, 3-4 right edge, 5-6 players choice.
Pinning Non-vehicle units that suffer an unsaved wound from a weapon with Pinning must take a leadership test after the enemy unit’s shooting attacks. If failed, unit goes to ground (no cover save from that attack).
Poisoned Always wounds on a fixed number (Poisoned (4+)). If strength of weapon is higher than targets toughness then wielder re-rolls failed To Wound in close combat.
Power of the Machine Spirit If a vehicle hasn’t moved Flat Out or used smoke then it can fire one more weapon at full BS and can fire at a different target than other weapons.
Precision Shots If a unit with this rule rolls a 6 To Hit then that shot is allocated to a model of your choice. Look Out, Sir rolls are allowed. Snap shots and scatter rolls cannot be Precision Shots.
Preferred Enemy Re-rolls failed To Hit and To Wound rolls of 1 in both shooting and close combat attacks. Usually a specific enemy “Preferred Enemy (Traitors)”
Rad-Phage A model which loses a wound to an attack with Rad-Phage and survives has its Toughness reduced by 1 for the rest of the Battle.
Rage If a model with Rage charges it gains +2 attacks for charging instead of +1, unless its a disordered attack.
Rampage At start of any Fight sub-phase, models with Rampage gain +D3 attacks if outnumbered (counting all models locked in combat). Roll once for entire unit. None on turn with disordered charge.
Relentless Models can shoot Heavy, Salvo, or Ordnance normally if moved. Can charge in the same turn as well.
Rending Automatically wounds on To Wound roll of 6, regardless of Toughness, and is resolved at AP 2. Against vehicles a roll of 6 on Armour Pen adds D3 to roll (not at AP 2)
Repel the Enemy Models disembarking from Access Points on a building can charge on the same turn, even if the building was destroyed. Models using an escape hatch cannot use this special rule.
Shell Shock Pinning tests taken due to an attack with this special rule are made with a -1 Ld penalty.
Shrouded A unit that contains at least one model with Shrouded counts its cover as 2 points better than normal.
Skilled Rider A unit with at least one model with this special rule automatically passes Dangerous Terrain and receives +1 to its Jink cover saves.
Shock Pulse Any vehicle that suffers a Pen from this weapon may only fire snap shots the following turn.
Shred Re-roll failed To Wound rolls.
Skyfire Can fire at normal BS when shooting at Flyers, Flying Monstrous Creatures and Skimmers, but can only fire Snap Shots at other targets.
Slow and Purposeful A unit that contains at least one model with this rule cannot Run, Turbo, Flat Out, Sweeping Advance, or fire Overwatch. Can move and shoot Heavy, Salvo, and Ordnance and can charge same turn.
Smash All close combat attacks, except Hammer of Wrath resolved at AP 2. Can choose to make one Smash attack at double Strength. Against a vehicle can re-roll Armour Pen.
Sniper Gains “Precision Shot” and Wound on 4+ regardless of Toughness. Any To Wound rolls of 6 are resolved at AP 2.
Soul Blaze If a unit suffers an unsaved wound, it is ablaze. At the end of each turn roll a dice. On a 4+ the unit suffers D3 S4 AP5 wounds with Ignores Cover. 3 or less the flame dies out.
Specialist Weapon Does not gain +1 for dual weapons unless the other melee weapon also has the Specialist Weapon special rule.
Split Fire Can fire at a target different than the rest of the unit. Cannot be at a target that has disembarked due to the unit’s initial attack.
Squadron Command Tank Unless Command Tank is destroyed, all tanks in coherency can ignore Crew Shaken on a 4+. If the entire squadron fires at a single target within 24” they gain Tank Hunters and Monster Hunters.
Sunder Can re-roll failed Armour Pen rolls.
Stealth A unit that contains one model with Stealth counts their cover save as one higher than normal.
Strafing Run When shooting assault, heavy, rapid, or salvo at artillery, beasts, bikes, cavalry, infantry, MC and vehicles without Flyer or Skimmer gains +1 BS.
Strikedown Any non-vehicle model that suffers a wound OR passes a saving throw moves as if it is in difficult terrain until the end of its next turn.
Stubborn When a unit containing at least one model with Stubborn takes Morales or Pinning Tests they ignore negative Leadership modifiers.
Supersonic A Supersonic vehicle that moves Flat Out must move at least 18” and up to 36”.
Support Squad A squad with this special rule may not be chosen as a compulsory choice for the army’s Forge Organization.
Swarms When allocating wounds if two or more models could be the closest it always goes to one with least wounds. Blast/Templates cause double wounds. Ignore Difficult but not Dangerous.
Tank Hunters Re-rolls failed Armour Pen against Vehicles and may choose to re-roll glancing hits.
Two-Handed When attacking with this weapon it never gains +1 attacks for dual weapons.
Unwieldy Piles in and fights at Initiative 1 unless it is a Monstrous Creature or a Walker.
Vector Dancer Can make an additional pivot on the spot up to 90 degrees at end of its move. Cannot move Flat Out in the following Shooting phase.
Wrecker Re-roll railed Armour Pen rolls against fortifications and immobile structures and add +1 to result on Building Damage chart.
Zealot A unit containing at least one model with Zealot they auto pass Pinning, Fear, Regroup, and Morale but cannot Go to Ground. Re-roll To Hit in close combat in the first round only.
Created by: Grrttwldr
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