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Anatomy UE

Flexors or Forearm

What muscle(s) are located in the anterior superficial compartment of the forearm? pronator Teres, FCR, FCU, PL
What muscle(s) are located in the intermediate compartment of the forearm? FDS
What muscle(s) are located in the deep compartment of the forearm? FDP, PQ, FPL
The median nerve passes through the two heads of what muscle near the elbow? pronator teres
The _____ _____ branch of the median nerve is given off in the region of the pronator teres. anterior interosseus
What artery is located lateral to the FCR tendon in the wrist? radial
This muscle is absent in 14% of the population. PL
What nerve is located lateral the PL tendon in the wrist? median
What nerve passes between the two heads of the FCU? ulnar
The median nerve can be compressed by the arch of what muscle? FDS
What muscles attach to the FDP tendons in the hand? lumbricals
What muscle is the prime mover in pronation? pronator quadratus
Are pronators of supinators stronger? supinators
The anterior interosseus branch of the median nerve innervates what muscles? FDP lateral part, FPL, pronator quadratus
The interosseus membrane is tensed in _________ and least tensed in _________. supination, pronation
What creates the carpal tunnel? flexor retinaculum (transverse carpal ligament)
The palmar cutaneus nerve branches off of what nerve? median
Where does the palmar cutaneus nerve branch off of the median nerve? right before it enters the carpal tunnel
What nerve passes through the medial intermuscular septum / Arcade of Struthers? ulnar nerve
What nerve passes between the two heads of the FCU? ulnar
What groove do the ulnar nerve and artery pass through in the hand? guyon's canal
Where in the wrist is the radial artery located? lateral to the FCR, and medial to the radial styloid process
What are the superficial veins of the anterior forearm? cephalic, basilic, and intermediate vein(medial cubital)
Which extends more distally, radius or ulna? Which is shorter? Radius is both shorter and extends more distally than ulna
How does the dorsal radial tubercle serve as a divider of? 2nd and 3rd dorsal compartments
In what relation to the FCU are the ulnar artery and nerve? Lateral
The FDS are split into superficial and deep tendons as they pass beneath the flexor retinaculum, which two are superficial and which two are deep? 3&4 are superficial, 2&5 are deep
What are the responsibilities of the interosseous membrane of the forearm (4)? Attach radius and ulna, distributes forces between radius and ulna, mm attachment site, allows for smooth forearm rotation
__________= fascia continuous w/ extensor retinaculum on the anterior surface. Palmar carpal ligament
Where can the median nerve compression occur? Two heads of pronator teres, arch of the FDS, beneath the bicipital aponeurosis
Where is the location of Guyon’s Canal? Between pisiform and hook of hamate
Created by: txst fall 2009



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