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Unit 2 Vocab

8th gr Science Vocabulary for Unit 2

Delta streams make it after depositing
Floodplain many levels of deposited material for flat land
Gradient measures of change in elevation
Discharge the amount of water a stream carries
Load materials carried by the stream
Deposition material dropped
Erosion material carried
Alluvial Fan fan shaped formed on dry land
Groundwater water under the ground
Shoreline where the water and beach meet
Beach area of shoreline where materiel is deposited
Mudflow when mud falls from a hill
Landslide sudden and rapid movement of a large amount of material
Creep when the land is slowly going down the hill
Glacier drift all materials carried by a glacier
Loess fine grained sediment
Dunes sand deposited by the wind in form to form a dune
Deflation removes top layer of fine sediment living behind rock fragments too heavy for the wind to carry
Abrasion grinding and wearing down of rock can happen in areas of strong winds, loose sand and soft rocks.
SInkhole Caused by underground water eroding away soft rock (sometimes forming a cave). When the water level changes, the ground gives way
Created by: AKovach