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Chapter 3 -Ms. Henry

Geography - The World's People

Death Rate The number of deaths compared to the total number of individuals in a population at a given time.
Birthrate The number of babies born compared to the total number of individuals in a population at a given time.
Doubling Time The number of years it takes a population to double in size based on its current growth rate.
slums crowded neighborhoods; people living in poverty
Why is the doubling time less for countries in Asia and Africa? Those countries do not have the education and health care that we have in North America and Europe.
Why has the death rate decreased? We now have better health care, cleaner water, more food than in the past.
What happens when the population of an already crowded area continues to grow? Diseases spread quickly, not enough jobs for everyone so many live in poverty, higher levels of pollution
How can overpopulated areas harm the environment? Use up energy resources, more forests are cut down, factories pollute water and air,
What can we do to protect our environment in overpopulated areas? Install solar panels of roofs of buildings. Wind and geothermal energy do not pollute.
Population Distribution The geographic pattern of where people live on Earth.
What does densely populated mean? The area has a large number of people living within it.
Rural Farming communities, -where we live. Not as densely populated
Urban Large cities. Densely populated. Chicago and suburbs
Why do people settle in some areas and not in others? People live where their basic needs can be met.
emigrate To leave one's home to live in another place. Example: To move from an urban area to a rural area.
immigrate To enter and live in a new country. Example: To move from the U.S. to live in Europe.
Push Factors Drive people from an area. Examples: war/violence, natural disasters, poor economy,
Pull Factors Pull you in to an area. Examples: To be closer to family/friends, attend universities, better jobs.
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