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LESSON 8: Assumptions//Sufficient & Necessary//Stable & Unstable Grouping Games

Sufficient Assumptions and proving the conclusion?? **Sufficient assumptions CAN be stronger than what is required to prove the conclusion **Sufficient assumptions CANNOT be any weaker than what is required -If this happens then it doesn't guarantee the validity of the argument
What do you do if you need to diagram a sufficient question? **Diagram the premises/conclusion **Find the missing assumption
What is the best 3 step way to approach a Sufficient question?? **1. Locate the conclusion **2. Locate the premises that support it **3. Anticipate a logical bridge between the two
What is a Necessary Assumption? **Must be true in order for an argument's conclusion to ever be properly inferred **Correct answer choices tend to be relatively WEAK -Can be weaker than what is required to prove the conclusion **Correct answer choice is something that must be true -DOES NOT have to guarantee anything
How is an argument rendered invalid w/ necessary assumptions? **If necessary assumption of argument is denied or taken away
What is a Stable Grouping Game? **Number of players on each team IS fixed[or defined] **EX -People separated into two four person committees, one on transport and one on finances
What is an Unstable Grouping Game? **Number of players on each team NOT fixed[or defined] **EX -People separated into two committees, one on transport and one on finances
What strategies can you use if you are doing a game that involves two possible options for each player? **Use Linked Options **Simplify the contrapositive **Deduce the "Cannot Be Together" Relationships
What are the 3 different varieties of Stable Grouping games?? ** 1:1 correspondence **Underbooked **Overbooked
What are some examples of clues that let you know to play the numbers in grouping games? **Each beer pong team must have at least two members **At most three ferrets are assigned to kennel 1 **Exactly twice as many divas sit at table 2 as table 1
What should you NEVER assume with unstable grouping games? **NEVER assume someone has to be in a group **You can have an empty group -They have to say there is a minimum for a group to rule out "0" in a group
What is a Sufficient Assumption? **Guarantees the conclusion of argument is properly inferred -Addition of correct answer choice to premise in the stimulus will guarantee validity of the argument
How do the answer choices for sufficient questions tend to be? **very STRONG *Take the form of conditional statements
What 4 grouping relationships do all grouping games rely on? **Tag-Along **Must Be Together **Cannot Be Together **At Least One
Created by: KyronCox