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Abstraction A form originating from a “real” object, then simplified, by the designer, to express an essential aspect or quality of it, rather than its appearance.
Anomaly An irregular, or dissimilar form in a design in which regularity and similarity prevail. It often creates a focal point in the composition.
Asymmetry A non-symmetrical treatment of elements. Achieved by utilizing separate and opposing forces made by the arrangement of unequal groups of elements interrelated to achieve stability and balance in a non–static arrangement.
Balance A state of equilibrium, due to separate elements in equal opposition or equal attraction to each other.
Static Balance When separate and opposing elements are equal and thus at rest: a formal balance
Symmetry A balance of a composition by identically reflecting the parts on one half onto the other. It is the most obvious form of balance.
Contrast Noticeable difference between elements in a composition. It can be achieved with value, size, form, spacing, color, arrangement (direction)
Dynamic Expressing movement, energy or change. An aesthetic equilibrium of parts which, considered separately, are unstable, (opposite of static).
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