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Chapter 2


International regulation of medications is under World Health Organization
Who acts as the coordinating authority on international public health, providing assistance in the drug field and promoting research on drug abuse, and include combating disease and promoting the general health of all people World Health Center
who set standards for quality and required the proper labeling of medications Pure Food and Drug Act 1906
Federal regulation of medications to protect consumers from harmful, impure, untested, and unsafe medications Pure Food and Drug Act 1906
what act required animal testing of medications and before selling a new medication, a pharmaceutical company had to apply for approval to market the medication to prove that the medication was effective on animals Food Drug and Cosmetic Act 1938
What amendment requires a physicians order to dispense certain medications Durham-Humphrey Amendments 1952
which act required all drugs to meet minimal standards of uniform strength, purity, and quality Required that morphine be labeled Pure Food and Drug Act 1906
which act established specific regulations for regarding warning labels Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act 1938
which act established classifications, known as schedules, of medications that had potential for abuse Controlled Substances act 1970
Who enforces the Controlled Substance Act Drug enforcement Act
who issued a protocol for Emergency Needlestick information recommending prophylactic treatment as soon as possible after a needle stick or sharps injury CDC
who is recognized as the leading federal agency for protecting the health and safety of people and for providing credible information to enhance health decisions, and serves as a national focus for developing and applying disease prevention and control CDC
who governs the ordering, dispensing and administration of medications State Practice Acts
who specifies the role of the surgical technologist in drug handling institutional policies
who evaluates and accredits healthcare organizations and programs in the united states Joint Commission
what goals are established annually and address issues such as infection control, universal protocol for preventing wrong site, wrong procedure, wrong person surgery, and medical errors National Patient Safety Goals
Who regulates the pharmaceutical industry, ensuring that basic standards are followed Center for drug evaluation and researcH
Who assigns an official name to the new medication; generic name United States Pharmacopeia and National FOrmulary
who has exclusive rights to market that medication under its trade name for 20 years Pharmaceutical Company
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