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110 unit 3A

arrt registry for those who passed exam; 1922
asrt 1st pres. Eddy Jerman; founded 1920
JRCERT Joint Review Comitte on Ed. in Rad Tech: reps from ACR and ASRT
ACR american college of radiology; organization for radiologists
Michael Faraday electomagnetic induction
Michael Pepin developed screen flouresced when xrayed
Clarence Daly 1st Rad martyr; died 1904
Sister Beatrice Merrigan 1st certified RT
The Currie's Nobel winners-Radium-1903
Arthur Goodspeed 1890 noticed image on developed film-no documentaion
Thomas Edison research in flouroscopy using calciom tungstate
WC Roentgen 1895 Nobel prize physics; named xrays
buffers decrease neg. effects of stress; don't change stressors
Flight or Fight triggered by real/imagined threat, results form anger, fear
hassles unexpected neg changes
analysis determining cause/effect of situation
case studies pt. situations studied for learning purposes
critique evaluation provides feedback
critical thinking creative action based on professional knowledge
evaluation judgement of quality of work
practice standards defining statements of the proffessional role
problem solving answering questions to resolve challenge
synthesis combining multiple areas of knowledge to create understanding
steps in problem solving Identify/clarify problem Consider/develop viable solutions Select solution with best outcome
accreditation voluntary peer process for recognition to institution
certification voluntary process grants recognition to individual
JRC joint review comittee: oversee accreditation process
liscensure government grants individual permission to practice profession
registry list of individual holding certification
sponsoring organization appoints members to JRC board
Standards document specifying requirements for accreditation of program by JRC
affective category of learning, includes behaviors influenced by interests, attitudes, values and beliefs
clinical procedures occur in clinical setting
cognitive category of learning, includes levels of thought such as knowledge, understanding reason and judgement
competency successful acheaivement of performance objective
didactic informational activities occur in formal/informal setting
objective description of behavior to be acheived
psychomotor category of learning includes physical actions, neuromuscular manipulations and coordination
transfer of learning prior learning affectiong new learning
adverse drug events ADE; injury caused by drug either by errors or proper use
Board of directors/ governing board group of people authorized by law to operate hospital
Certificat of need CON permits hospital to construct new facility, ect and is required for reimbursement by medicare
CEO full accountibility for entire hospital
clinical support services provide patient care; support physicians plan for diagnosis/treatment
Continuous quality improvement CQI improving performance by focusing on exceeding customer expectations
JCAHO organization inspects and accredits hospitals
medical staff organization of physicians in hospital
OSHA federal agency enforces safety in workplace
total quality management TQM management of quality of total involvement of every employee
radiation energy transmitted by waves through space/medium
xray electromagnetic radiation produced when electrons moving at high velocity are suddenly stopped
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