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Vocabulary U3

Unit Three from Vocabulary for the High School Student

What is cache? A hiding place to store something.
What is commend? to praise or mention favorably
commendable praisworthy or laudable
cur worthless dog
despotic domineering, autocratic, dictatorial
despotism tyranny, dictatorship
dispute argue about, debate
disputatious argumentative
edifice large impressive bulding
era historical period, time or age
initiate begin, introduce, put to ceremony to become part of
multitude very large number or people of things
multitudinous many, numerous
perceive become aware of
perception idea, conception
portal (usually plural) door, entrance
reserved restrained in speech or action, unsociable
restrain hold back
retract draw back, take back
spineless having no backbone. weak. indecisive.
stroll leisurely walk
timorous full of fear, afraid, timid
tuition payment for instruction
version translation, account, or desciption from one point of view
Created by: soccerpsycho49