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CM121 Quiz Prep

Prepare for the unit 5 library quiz

Which step in the research process helps you get familiar with the scope of your topic? exploratory
What resource has a huge collection of e-books? catalog
What resource had a huge collection of articles? databases
Will your search be more broad or more narrow if you combine your search words with OR? broad
Will your search be more broad or more narrow if you combine your search words with AND? narrow
Government information is a good choice for research. What resource is good for finding government information? websites
What is one thing you need to be careful of when choosing websites to use in a paper? bias
Publications that contain research studies and are written by researchers and experts in a field are which type of publication? scholarly
Publications that are written to provide practical advice by specialists for other specialists in a field are which type of publication? trade
Publications that are written by anyone to be read by anyone are which type of publication? popular
Which step in the research process helps you keep track of your citations? working bibliography
What will the following actions help you to aviod? Planning your search, staying organized, and choosing the right research tool. information overload
What type of searching involves searching the subject index, clicking on subject suggestions, or clicking on subjec headings? subject
What punctuation will you use if you want to search for a phrase? quotation marks
If you know the name of the journal, magazine, or newspaper you're looking for, what research tool would you use to find it? E-Journal Portal
Created by: esettergren
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