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Business phrases

some phrases used in conversations in the business world.

9 to 5 job to have a routine job
collaborate on to work together with someone on something
start from scratch to restart from the beginning
set a deadline to set a finish date for a task
give the green light to approve a project
be behind schedule not to meet a deadline
be ahead of schedule earlier than planned
catch up to complete something you should have done earlier
stay on budget to spend the money you originally planned for
go over budget to spend more than you had originally planned for. e.g. I'm afraid we may need to go over budget!
sign off on something to approve something
be ahead of the curve faster about doing something than other people
a ballpark figure a rough estimate
kick off start
look at the big picture to concentrate on the general ideas more than in the details
play by the book to follow the stablished rules
call it a day to finish what you are doing
touch base with to talk to someone for a short time about to find out what they think about something
word of mouth passing of information from person to person
let go fired
back to square one to go back to the beginning after a failed attempt. After a while, we decided we had to go back to square one.
cut-throat very intense, aggressive competition. The Obama care plan is a cut-throat business for insurers.
easy come, easy go something that is gained easily and lost easily as well. We have to be really cautious, this may be an easy-come, easy-go project.
game plan a strategy for achieving success. Let's figure out the game plan for this project.
get down to business to stop small talk and discuss business topics. Stop the abstractions and let's get down to business.
get something off the ground to start something. My dear team we definitely need to get the project off the ground.
go the extra mile to do more than expected. She's fantastic, she usually goes the extra mile.
Hands are tight not being free to behave the way you would like. We really would like to go through that, but our hands are tight.
in a nutshell using as few words as possible. In a nutshell, it would be great for us to work with you.
in full swing at a stage when the level of activity is the highest. Our medical centers' operations are in full swing.
in the driver's seat to be in charge
keep one's eyes on the ball to give something one's full attention
learn the ropes learn the basics
long shot something that has a low probability of happening
no-brainer something that is really easy to choose
no strings attached something given without demands
not going to fly something that isn't expected to work out
on the same page to be in agreement about something
out in the open something that is public knowledge and not secret anymore
to raise the bar to set expectations or standards higher
rock the boat To do or set something that will upset people or cause problems
safe bet something that is certain to happen
to be in the same boat to be in the same difficult situation as someone else
to stand one's ground to not change one's opinion or position
talk someone into something to convince someone to do something
talk someone out of something to convince someone not to do something
to be up in the air something that is undecided or uncertain
a drop in the ocean a very small part of insignificant amount of something big
pull yourself together calm down and act normally
step up your game start performing better
straight to the point directly
hear (something) on the grapevine learn about something informally
to get the wrong end of the stick To misinterpret / misunderstand something
cannot make head not tail of (something/someone) not being able to understand someone or something
talk/be at cross purposes misunderstand what others are trying to do/referring to
beat abound/around the bush to avoid answering a question/commenting on an uncomfortable issue
straight from the horse's mouth directly from the source
talking to a brick wall talking to someone who does not listen
keep someone in the loop provide someone with enough information
to be on the same wavelength to agree or to share the same interests
to go back to the drawing board to start again from the beginning with a new idea
to cut corners to do something without paying much attention to detail
drill down into to explore something in depth
as of yet at the moment
to cut to the chase get to the point without wasting time
to get the ball rolling get started
to streamline something to simplify a process
to expedite to speed-up
down the line in the future
pull strings to use one's influence
Created by: coachlanguages
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