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Spelling Set 3

surprised to catch (someone or something) off guard
weird strange or odd
humorous funny
threw to send through the air with force by using the arm and wrist
question a sentence that asks for a reply
stare to look in a steady, fixed way, with the eyes open wide.
whether two or more choices or alternatives
bored feeling tired or restless because of having to do something that is not interesting
privilege a right or benefit that is given only to a certain person or group
peculiar strange or odd
occasion an event or the time at which it happens
tomorrow the day after today
stair one of the steps that make up a staircase
weather the conditions outside at a particular place and time. Sunshine, clouds, temperature, and rain are some of the changing conditions that make up the weather.
board a flat, cut piece of wood; plank
restaurant a place where meals are prepared and served to customers
Created by: mrsenos1