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PTP Chapter 23

In ____, the cell engulfs the substance & permits the substance to enter the cell. Pinocytosis
When a chemical (drug) binds with a ____, it is stimulated to either produce or inhibit a specific action. Receptor
A drug's _____ is the location where it will exercise its designed effect. Site of Action
According to the American Society of Addiction Medicine, alcoholism is a: Primary, chronic disease
Half-Life is written as: T 1/2
U would use ____ if u wanted to find out how drugs r changed in the body from their original form to something the body can use. Pharmacokinetics
____ is the degree to which a drug becomes available to tissues after administration. Bioavailability
An interaction that occurs when 2 or more drugs r administered to a patient, resulting in either an increase or decease in therapeutic effects or an adverse reaction, is known as an: Drug-Drug Interaction
The body's response to a drug is known as the: Desired Effect
Drug-Drug interactions may occur because ____ healthy people. Drug testing procedures r performed on
____ is the measurement of the strength of the drug that is required to have a specific effect on the body. Potency
When the serum concentration levels of a drug reach less than 3%, it is considered: To be removed from the body
____ is the process by which the drug is moved from the bloodstream to body tissues or receptors Distribution
Wellbutrin XL is sometimes prescibed for: Smoking Cessation
What kind of drug works by blocking the action of a receptor? Antagonist
In combination with alcohol, Cimetidine can cause: Rapid heartbeat, sudden changes in blood pressure, & possible coma
Which is a type of dementia that is often accompanied by specific nutritional problems: Weicke-Korsakoff's Syndrome
Thanks to the ____ of anesthesia drugs, the pathway between the central & peripheral nervous systems is blocked so the patient cannot feel pain. Mechanism of Action
For an oral medication to be absorbed in the body, it must undergo the ____, which is completed in the liver. First-Pass Process
An ___ is a specific type of drug that produces a certain & predicted action. Agonist
The maximal response that the body has to a drug is known as the: Ceiling
What is a measurement of the specific amount of a drug that will achieve 50% of the maximal response? ED50
A _____ indicates that the body's response to a drug is directly related to the amount of the drug taken. Dose-Response Curve
All of the following r characteristics of addiction EXCEPT: Lessening Denial
_____ occurs when a person requires larger doses of a drug to achieve the same effect. Tolerance
Which of the following describes a type of natural or synthetic drug that has properties that interfere with specific receptors in the brain that "turn off" pain in the body? Opioids
___ is the location where the drug binds to the cell. Receptor Site
An ____ is a specific type of drug that does not produce any noticeable or desirable effect of its own, but blocks other chemicals from attaching to the cell receptor. Antagonist
The process by which drugs affect the cells in the body by interacting with drug receptors can be compared to an: Lock & Key
Which type of drug transportation into the cell does NOT require the cell to expand energy? Facilitated Diffusion
The length of time in which a specific drug will continue to have the same degree of effect is known as the: Time Response Curve
Hydrocodone can cause ____ when combined with alcohol. Drowsiness,Dizziness, & Risk of overdose
A drug that is designed to produce an action rather than stop and action is called an: Agonist
The time it takes a drug to be eliminated from the body is its: Clearance
The study of the time course of a drug & its metabolites in the body following drug administration by any route best defines: Pharmacokinetics
Which U.S. federal law classifies medication that have a potential for abuse by a number ranging form I-V Controlled Substance Act of 1970
In ____, a carrier protein permits specific molecules to pass through certain parts of the cell. Facilitated Diffusion
A ____ refers to a large number of similar cells, where a drug is expected to work. Target Cell
Potency is the measurement of the ____ of the drug that is required to have a specific effect on the body. Strength
____ is the process by which the drug is moved from its site of administration into the bloodstream. Absorption
____ is the process by which drugs r eliminated from the body. Excretion
____ is the movement of a substance across a cell membrane. Passive Diffusion
The specific amount of the drug required to achieve a desired effect is known as the: Dose
What should a pharmacy technician do if they suspect that a patient is addicted to a drug? Bring the matter to the attention of the pharmacist
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