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crackles wet lungs
wheezes constricted lungs
stridor often pediatrics constricted lungs
croup barky cough
atelectasis collapsed lung
pneumothorax air in lung lining
impaired gas exchange not enough oxygen
ineffective airway clearance need to cough better
a baby in respiratory distress will show retractions in their chest when breathing
first sign of infection in older adults confusion
empyema pus in lung lining
normal oxygen saturation 95 to 100%
obtain this before starting any antibiotics any culture that has been ordered
barrel chest emphysema
COPD emphysema and bronchitis (chronic)
signs of hypoxia cyanotic, sob, low sat, confusion
productive cough able to get it up and cough it out
Incentive spirometer at least 1000cc and makes them cough
ways to increase O2 sat hob up, deep breaths, cough, reposition sat probe, oxygen
coryza rhinitis
reyes syndrome can happen if ASA given to children
pharyngitis sore throat
Laryngitis inflammation of voice box
laryngectomy removal of voice box; airway priority
ABG's blood analysis of gases in body
types of ABG Respiratory/metabolic acidosis/alkalosis
bronchoscopy care return of gag reflex
pursed lip breathing common for COPD; sense of more air
bronchodilator rescue inhaler opens airway
corticosteroids decreases inflammation
Asthma triggers many
how to keep healthy respiratory system vaccinations/ flu and pneumonia
mycobacterium TB caused by this
isolation precautions for respiratory illness airborne, AFB for TB
goal for TB patients prevent transmission and education
steatorrhea fatty, floaty, foul stools
diet for cystic fibrosis high calorie and nutrient rich
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