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Population 2009

Review for population quiz

Number of people residing (living) in a city, state or country Population
Number of people per square mile or sqaure kilometer; a measure of how crowded a place is Population density
Number of live births per 1,000 population per year Birth rate
Number of deaths per 1,000 population per year Death rate
A place with many people per square mile Densely populated
A place with few people per square mile Sparsely populated
Another name for a city Urban area
Area surrounding a city Suburbs
A city plus the surrounding suburbs Metropolitan area
A graph which shows the age and sex distribution of a population Population pyramid
The birth rate minus the death rate expressed as a percentage of the population Rate of natural increase or population growth rate
Study of population Demography or demographics
The number of children per 1,000 who die before their first birthday Infant mortality rate
Average number of children a woman in a country has Total fertility rate
Count of US population which happens every 10 years Census
One reason that population has grown so rapidly in the last 150 years Better health care Better nutrition Better sanitation All extend lives
The percentage of population who can read and write Literacy rate
Current world population Approximately 6.8 billion
World's most populous country China, 1.3 billion
The population of a country which is younger than fifteen and older than 65 Dependent population
Created by: dfred