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Human Resources 10

Week 10: Workplace Health and Safety

Workplace Health and Safety promotes... A healthy and safe work environment, both desirable and cost-effective
WHS Coordinator's role Ensure WHS of all staff is provided through programs, develop action plans to manage issues, conduct risk assessment and ensure all staff are appropriately qualified and trained to operate equipment.
Direct costs include Worker's compensation and payments to injured or incapacitated workers
Indirect costs include Loss of productivity, current and future earnings, loss of potential output and damaged psychological contract
Theory: Medical Problem Diagnosing and treating the problem rather than devising a suitable plan to prevent it.
Theory: Occupational Epidemiology Research 'epidemics' in workplaces and attempt to establish their causes and solutions.
Theory: Industrial Psychology The study of employees’ psychological reactions to their workplaces
Theory: Industrial Sociology The study of interpersonal communications and relationships in the workplace. E.g. lack of work control over their work
Theory: Ergonomics and Occupational Hygiene Aim to eliminate risks and improve productivity by modifying the physical arrangements and conditions of the workplace
WHS in Australia UK influence where we are self-regulated, with active involvement of employers, unions and government
Workplace-based tripartite/shared approach. Involves the responsibilities of the workers, the employers and the government.
Work Health & Safety Act The overall philosophy is the principle that workers and other persons should be given the highest level of protection against harm to their health, safety and welfare from hazards and risks arising from work as is reasonably practicable
Created by: Kaye_7
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