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Pharm: Ch1

Biotechnology Manipulating DNA and RNA, recombining genes into hybrid molecules that are put into living organisms and continuously reproduced
Brand name Trade name Chosen and patent by manufacturer Ex: Amoxil, Larotid, Advil Uppercase More expensive
Generic name Chemical/official name Independent of manufacturer Indicate drug group Ex: amoxicillin, ibuprofen Lowercase Therapeutically equal but costs less
Controlled substances Scheduled drugs Drugs categorized by federal law by therapeutic uses and potential for abuse
Drug classifications Medication groups classified by the or effects on body systems, therapeutic uses, chemical characteristics
Pharmacoeconomics Costs of drug, purchasing, dispensing, storage, admin, lab and tests, loss due to expiration
Pharamacogenomics Study how individuals genetic make up effects response to drug Genetic polymorphisms that occur larger population instead of individuals
Pharmacotherapy Drug therapy Use of drugs to prevent, diagnose, or treat signs, symptoms, & diseases Drugs also called medications Local- mainly site of application Systemic- taken into body distributed thru bloodstream to sites of action in body
Prototype 1st drug of particular drug class to be developed Used a standard for similar drugs Ex: Morphine- opioid analgesics Penicillin- beta-lactam antibacterial
Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Enforced Controlled Substance Act
FDA food and drug administration Making sure new drugs are safe and effective Reviews research studies Approves prescription and OTC Clinical trial phases 0- testing animals and small groups of people 1- healthy volunteers to gage dosages absorption and metabolism 2-given to individuals with disease and compare with healthy group 3-different population and dosages some placebos 4-fda approval
Quality and safety education for nurses (QSEN) (Student Learning Outcomes for program) Patient-centered care Teamwork and collaboration Evidence based practice Quality improvement Safety Informatics
10 Rights of Administrations Right patient Right medication Right dosage Right route Right time Right documentation Right clinical education Right to refuse Right assessment Right evaluation
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