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Conjuctions & Disjunctions

What happens if "and" is in the sufficient condition? You have to have both [A and B] to guarantee the necessary condition will happen
What is a conjunction? Fancy way of saying "and"
What is a disjunction? Fancy way of saying "or"
"OR" A or B = At least 1 or both In sufficient condition: either ____ or _____ alone is good enough to meet necessary condition Always includes possibility of both on LSAT
Neither Nor It’s not [that] and it’s not [that]
Not Both Not "A" or not "B" I’m cool with anything EXCEPT both of them Could be 0 and could be 1, but not both The only thing I cant have is both [HAVE TO AVOID]
But Not Both Must be 1 or the other Saying 2 statements in 1 Making “or” statement and “not both” statement
What steps do you take when negating statements that have “and” or “or”? Negate all conditions Switch the operator [AND to OR; OR to AND]
What do you do when forming the contrapositive of a conjunctive or disjunctive conditional statement? Everything switches sides of arrow then you negate the terms Go left to right and change everything
How do you negate[falsify] an entire a conditional statement? Sometimes you must show that conditional statement is false I have the sufficient condition, but I didn’t get what I wanted
Why write faslification as an absolute statement? Og conditional statement is hypothetical -To prove it wrong you have to show something absolutely
Should you use a + sign or -> sign when making a false statement? + sign [false statement is NOT conditional]
Created by: KyronCox