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PACS Chapter 2


Multiple numeric values divided into an array of small elements capable of being processed is the definition of _____ images. Digital
The continuous and varying levels of brightness and colors describe _____ images. Analog
Critical characteristics of a digital image include all of the following except a. dose efficiency of the receptor. c. noise efficiency. b. contrast resolution. d. sample resolution. sample resolution.
Changing the matrix and the FOV will not change the size of the pixel. T or F False
Each square in a matrix is called a picture element
The number of bits per pixel is known as bit Depth
If a pixel has a bit depth of 2 to the 9th, the number of gray tones that pixel can produce is 512
The size of the pixel is determined by the matrix
Exposure index refers to the amount of exposure to the patient. T or F False
The measurement for radiation that was incident on the image receptor for a particular exposure is known as Kind
Deviation index is the difference between _____ and _____ expressed in logarithmic fashion. actual exposure (KIND); target exposure (KTGT)
Factors that can adversely affect the pixel values expressed in the deviation index include all of the following except failure of the system to recognize the exposure indicator.
How dark or light a digital image appears on a display monitor is known as brightness
The ability of a digital system to display subtle changes in shades of gray is called contrast resolution.
The ability of an imaging system to demonstrate small details of an object is known as spatial resolution
"The sum of the components in a recording system cannot be greater than the system as a whole" is a definition of modulation transfer function (MTF).
A perfect image processing system would have an MTF of 100%
The more light spread, the ______ the MTF. Lower
The range of exposure values the image detector is able to produce is known as latitude
The efficiency of a system to convert x-ray input signal into a useful output image is known as detective quantum efficiency.
Air kerma is the measurement of radiation energy absorbed in a unit of air. T or F True
The reflection of ambient light can be problematic with monochromatic monitors. T or F True
MTF is a way to quantify the contribution of each system component and the component's overall efficiency. T or F False
It is possible to achieve an MTF of 100%. T or F False
A system's ability to respond to varying levels of exposure, resulting in more detail, is referred to as Dynamic range
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