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Law Vocab **

P - end

peremptory challenged the right of a party to reject jurors without giving a reason
perjury lying while under oath
plaintiff the person/party who files a complaint and brings legal action against another person or party
plea the defendant's response to a criminal charge (guilty, not guilty, or no contest)
plea in abeyance a plea held in suspension upon completion of requirements, a guilty finding is set aside
plea bargain negotiations between a defense attorney and a prosecutor in which a guilty plea is exchanged either for a lesser charge
posse comitatus a body of men that a law enforcement officer can call upon to assist him in time of emergency or need
precedent a rule of law established by an appellate court for a particular type of case
premeditation when a crime was thought about beforehand
preponderance of the evidence evidence which is minimally of greater weight or more convincing than the evidence which is offered by the opposition
prosecutor the individual who conducts crmiinal prosecutions on behalf of the state or people
pro tempore for the time being, temporary
public defender lawyers regularly employed by the government to represent people accused of crimes and who cannot afford to hire their own attorney
relevant evidence which helps to prove a point or issue in a case
remand to send a case back to a lower court after an appeal has been heard and decided in the appellant's favor
restitution court ordered the defender pay the victim for the damage
sentence the judgment the court gives to the defendant after the conviction, imposing the punishment
sequester to separate from or to hold aside
statue law law passed by a law-making body such as the State Legislature
standing the legal right of a person/group to challenge a ruling or the doncut of another
stay the temporary suspension of proceedings in a case
summons/subpoena an order of the court to appear at a specific time
testimony information or evidence given by a witness under oath
trial de novo a new trial or retrial held in an appellate court
venue the area in which a court may hear and determine a case
verdict a formal decision or finding made by the jury
voir dire the questioning of possible jurors by the judge and the lawyers to decide whether they are acceptable to decide the case
waive to give up a right or a claim willingly
warrant an order authorizing arrest, search and seizure, etc.
writ an order issued by a court/judge in order to foce defendant to do something
writ of certiorari a writ from a superior court to an inferior court directing that a record of its proceedings in a case be sent up for review
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