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PACS Chapter 1

Quiz 1

Film and intensifying screens are primarily used in what? Conventional radiography
Intensifying screens do what? Emit light
Which modality was the first to use the principle of digital imaging? Computed tomography (CT)
Who was the first to incorporate digital imaging with the CT scanner? Godfrey Hounsfield
Teleradiology, moving images via telephone lines to and from remote locations, was first conceptualized by who? Albert Jutras
The invention of CT is heralded as? One of the greatest milestones in medical imaging
Early reconstruction of raw CT data took a few ______ to form a recognizable image. Days
The first commercial CT scanners could image the _____ Head only
In which decade was MRI first introduced? 1980's
Which two modalities could easily be converted to digital imaging properties? 1. Ultrasonography 2. Nuclear medicine
Early picture archival and communication systems were first developed by the U.S military
Teleradiology incorporated ____ to produce radiographic images Telephone lines
One of the early goals related to the development of PACS was to Provide a means to move battlefield images to an established hospital
CR acquires an image through the use of a storage phosphor plate
Storage phosphor plates are similar to? Intensifying screens
In a DR system, what is needed to produce a radiographic image? X-ray absorber and CCD
The two elements needed to convert light signals into an electrical signal while using indirect capture DR are TFT and photodiodes
The x-ray absorber typically used in direct capture DR is a photoconductor
Technologist efficiency ratings are generally the same when comparing conventional radiography with _______ radiography Computed
Compared with a 90 second processing time found in conventional radiography, image acquisition with DR has now been reduced to 3-5
The active element in a storage phosphor is Barium fluorohalide
In reference to PSP image capture, to release the latent image, which of the following devices is scanned over the phosphor plate? Focused laser light
Which of the following best describes the sequence for PSP image capture? Phosphor plate, focused laser light scanner, photomultiplier, analog digital converter, review station
X-ray energy related to direct capture DR will stimulate a ____, which eventually is changed into an electrical signal Scintillator
The ___converts x-ray energy directly to a digital electrical signal. Photoconductor
Exposure latitude is to conventional radiography as ___ is to DR Dynamic range
A look up table maps Image grayscale values
With conventional radiography, optical density is primarily controlled by Milliampere-seconds
Preset image annotation controls include all of the following except? a.position indicators b.image acquisition markers c.arrows d.date and time stamps Date and time stamps
The first full scale PACS was installed in 1993 in Baltimore
All the following are components of a PACS except a.web access b.reading stations c.independent kilovoltage peak and milliampere-second stations d.multiple interfaces independent kilovoltage peak and milliampere-second stations
Light exposing the film is in direct proportion to the amount and energy of the incident photon upon the screen. T or F True
The earliest CT of the head took several hours to acquire a single slice of information T or F True
When switching from a conventional diagnostic radiography room to one that incorporates CR, major equipment change are to be expected T or F False
Similar to CR, DR can use the existing diagnostic equipment found in today’s imaging departments. T or F False
Indirect capture DR converts absorbed x-ray energy into visible light T or F True
A Bucky apparatus is required for DR. T or F False
Many PACS reading stations also have image-processing capabilities. T or F True
DICOM is a standard that allow imaging modalities and PACS to communicate in the same language T or F True
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