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PACS Chapter 1

Review questions

Which radiographic image capture method uses chemical development to produce the manifest image? Film/screen radiography
Which company was the first to introduce PSP imaging commercially in the United States? Fuji
Which radiographic image capture method uses an X-ray absorber material coupled with a thin film transistor, complimentary metal oxide semiconductor, or a charged-coupled device to form the digital radiographic image? FPD
When X-rays strike a photostimulable phosphor material, _____is released. Light
The exposure latitude of digital projection radiography responds in a ____ manner. Nonlinear
The acronym PACS stands for which of the following terms? Picture archiving and communication system
Patients demographics are unimportant because the IRS will automatically identify all the digital images. T or F False
In what format must images be in so that they can be sent throughout the image system? DICOM
Digitally placed anatomic markers can always be used to determine the correct anatomic side of the patient. T or F False
Digital systems are less sensitive to scatter radiation than film/screen systems. T or F False
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