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Psych Exam

Chapters 1-4

Our awareness of various mental processes, such as making decisions, daydreaming, reflecting, and concentrating, is called _____. A) Consciousness B) Creativity C) Intelligence D) Self-awareness A) Consciousness
All of the following result from sleep deprivation EXCEPT ______. A) droopy eyelids B) irritability C) hyper alertness D) cognitive impairment C) Hyper alertness
Sleep spindles appear during ____ sleep. A) Stage 1 B) REM C) Stage 2 D) Stage 4 C) Stage 2
Each of the following is a sleep disorder EXCEPT _____. A) narcolepsy B) REM rebound C) insomnia D) night terrors B) REM rebound
One of the main semantic problems with using sleepwalking as a defense for murder is ________. A) sleepwalkers really don't walk B) the correct term is REM behavior disorder C) true sleepwalking does not really exist D) most murderers don't sleep well B) the correct term is REM behavior disorder
A sleep disorder that may require the use of a machine to force air gently into the nasal passages is called ____. A) sleep apnea B) insomnia C) narcolepsy D) cataplexy A) Sleep apnea
The key to hypnotic inductions seems to be related to ____. A) the gender of the person doing the hypnotizing B) education C) state of suggestibility D) time of day C) state of suggestibility
Russell needs more of the drug he has been using to get the normal high he got when he first started. Russell is experiencing ________. A) drug tolerance B) drug detoxification C) withdrawal D) overdrawl A) drug tolerance
Morphine and heroin duplicate the action of _______. A) endorphins B) alcohol C) cigarettes D) LSD A) endorphins
Mescaline comes from ______. A) weeds B) cactus buttons C) a poppy plant D) a virus B) cactus buttons
Activation of the receptors by stimuli is called ______. A) perception B) sensation C) adaptation D) habituation B) sensation
The shortest wavelengths that we can see are experiences as _______ colors. A) red B) blue C) green D) yellow B) blue
What part of the eye is a muscle that regulates the size of the pupil? A) iris B) lens C) retina D) sclera A) iris
Which of the following is a characteristic pf both light waves and sound waves? A) hue B) decibels C) amplitude D) wavelengths D) wavelengths
What are the hammer, anvil, and stirrup? A) tiny bones located in the middle of the ear B) types of cones of the retina C) types of stound that most people can detect D) words often used by audiologists in testing for hearing difficulties A) tiny bones located in the middle of the ear
Where are the taste receptors located? A) on the papillae B) on the taste buds C) one the microvilli D) in the gustatory bulb B) on the taste buds
The kinesthetic senses are concerned with ____. A) touch, pressure, temperature, and pain B) the location of body parts in relation to the ground and to each other C) movement and body position D) your location as compared to the position of the sun B) the location of body parts in relation to the ground and to each other
Similarity is the tendency to perceive ______. A) objects, or figures, on some background B) things that look similar as being part of the same group C) objects that are part of the same grouping D) things with a continuous pattern B) things that look similar as being part of the same group
An illusion___. A) is the same thing as a vision B) is due to the action of the rods versus the cones in the retina C) is a perception that does not correspond with reality D)corresponds directly to something you dreamed C) is a perception that does not correspond with reality
People's tendency to perceive a thing a certain way because their previous experiences or expectations influence them is called ____. A) top-down processing B)telepathy C) bottom-up processing D) perceptual expectancy D) perceptual expectancy
The two main divisions of the nervous system are the ___ and the ___. A)Brain;Spinal cord B) Autonomic ; somatic nervous system C) Peripheral nervous system; somatic nervous system D)glands; muscles C) peripheral; central nervous system
Which part of the neuron is responsible for maintaining the life of the cell? A) axon B) soma C)dendrite D)cell membrane B) soma
which of the following neurotransmitters functions as a common inhibitory neurotransmitter for the brain? A) serotonin B) GABA C) Acetylcholine D) nonepinephrine B) GABA
which part of the nervous system takes the information received from the senses , makes sense out of it, makes decisions, and sends commands out to the muscles and the rest of the body? A) spinal cord B) brain C) reflexes D) interneurons B) Brain
The part of the autonomic nervous system that is responsible for reacting to stressful events and bodily arousal Is called the _____ nervous system. A) central B) somatic C) sympathetic D) parasympathetic C) Sympathetic
A brain imaging method using radio waves and magnetic fields of the body to produce detailed images of the brain is called _______. A) electroencephalography (EEG) B) magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) C) positron-emission topography (PET) D) CT scan B) MRI
What part of the brain acts as a relay station for incoming sensory information? A) hypothalamus B) thalamus C) cerebellum D) pituitary gland B) thalamus
Which of the following regions contains the primary visual cortex? A) occipital lobe B) parietal lobe C) temporal lobe D) frontal lobe A) occipital lobe
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