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(Chapter 9) Paul Revere's new spy system consist mainly of ____ and ____. masters workers
(Chapter 9) The leaders of the new spy network now meet in the ____ ____. Green Dragon
(Chapter 9) The leaders of the Boston whigs are Doctor Warren, Sam ____, Doctor Church, John ____. Adams Hancock
(Chapter 9) From Lieutenant Stranger's discarded letters Johnny finds out about the planned ____ in ____. raid Portsmouth
(Chapter 9) Politically, Dove is a ____. Tory
(Chapter 9) Johnny no longer carries letters for the British because Dove ____ the British that Johnny is a ____. told Whig
(Chapter 9) The British have ____ and ____ markedas possible hiding places for rebel supplies. Worcester Concord
(Chapter 9) Lieutenant Stranger taught Johnny how to ____ his horse. jump
(Chapter 9) The Boston Observer's new delivery system outside of Boston is ____ on one of the Silsbees of Lexington's farm ____. smuggling wagon
(Chapter 9) Johnny escapes being whipped by a British officer by ____ Goblin, exciting so it would ____ away, with him on it. spurrinig sprint
(Chapter 9) Pumpkin tell Johnny that many British ___ are actually ____. soldiers Whigs
(Chapter 9) Pumpkin only wants a ____ and a ____ for himself. farm cow
(Chapter 9) In return for helping Pumpkin, Johnny wants his ____ and ____. uniform gun
(Chapter 9) In the salt marsh, Johnny witnesses Pumpkin being ____ for ____. executed deserting
(Chapter 10) The people of Charlestown were to be told if the British were advancing out of Boston by ____ or by sea by using ____. land lamps
(Chapter 10) Billy Dawes was chosen as the second person to spread the word of British movements because he was a very ____ ____. good actor
(Chapter 10) Paul Revere doesn't give Doctor Church any information because he ____ ____ him. doesn't trust
(Chapter 10) Rab leaves to go to ____ to help in the ____. Lexington fighting
(Chapter 10) There were about ____ soldiers on their way to Lexington. 700
(Chapter 10) Johnny learns that that the expedition would be to ____ and Concord and would be led by Colonel ____ from talking to Dove. Lexington Smith
(Chapter 10) Dr. Warren finds that Colonel ____ is leading the expedition most ____. Smith interesting
(Chapter 10) Billy Dawes prepared for his part that night by putting on some ____ clothing and pouring ____ on his jacket. tatterred rum
(Chapter 10) Johnny tells Robert Newman to hang ____ ____. two lamps
(Chapter 10) Paul Revere warns Doctor Warren to come with him to Charleston because the ____ might control Boston soon. making it very ____ for him. British dangerous
(Chapter 10) Most people like ____ ____, the British officer. Major Pitcarn
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