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Ciao 6th edition

Chapter 4.1 Verbi regolari in -ere e -ire: il presente (with conjugation)

Abitare (io) abito
Abitare(Tu) abiti
abitare (lui/lei) abita
Abitare (Noi) abitiamo
Abitare (Voi) abitate
Abitare (Loro) abitano
Arrivare (Io) arrivo
Arrivare (tu) arrivi
Arrivare (lui/lei) arriva
arrivare (Noi) arriviamo
Arrivare (voi) Arrivato
Arrivare (loro) Arrivano
Aspettare (io) aspetto
Aspettare (tu) aspetti
aspettare (lui/lei) Aspetta
Aspettare (noi) aspettiamo
Aspettare (voi) aspettate
Aspettare (loro) Aspettano
Cominciare (io) comincio
Cominciare (tu) cominci
Cominciare (lui/lei) comincia
we start cominciamo
You all start cominciate
They start cominciano
I eat cucino
You eat Cunini
He or she eats cucina
We eat cuciniamo
You all eat Cucinate
They eat Cucinano
I ask domando
you ask domandi
he or she asks domanda
I repeat ripeto
you repeat ripeti
he or she repeats ripete
we repeat ripetiamo
you all repeat ripetete
they repeat ripetono
I answer respondo a
you answer respondi a
he or she answers responde a
we answer respondiamo a
you all answer respondete a
they answer respondono a
I take prendo
you take prendi
he or she takes prende
we take prendiamo
all of you take prendete
they take prendono
I lose/miss perdo
you lose/miss perdi
he/she loses/misses perde
we miss/lose perdiamo
all of you lose/miss perdete
they lose/miss perdono
i have a b-day compiero
you have a b-day compi
he/she has a birthday compie
we have a birthday compiamo
all of you have a b-day compiete
they have a b-day compiono
I see vedo
you see vedi
he/she sees vede
we see vediamo
all of you see vedete
they see vedono
I write scrivo
you write scrivi
he/she writes scrive
we write scriviamo
all of you write scrivete
they write scrivono
I live (how) vivo
you live (how) vivi
he/she lives (how) vive
we live (how) viviamo
all of you live (how) vivete
they live (how) vivono
I read leggo
You read leggi
he/she reads legge
we read leggiamo
all of you read leggete
they read leggeono
I believe credo
you believe credi
he/she believes crede
we believe crediamo
all of you believe credete
they believe credono
I close chiudero
you close chiudi
he/she closes chiude
we close chiudiamo
all of you close chiudete
they close chiudono
I ask chiedo
you ask chiedi
he/she asks chiede
we ask chiediamo
all of you ask chiedete
they ask chiedono
I receive ricevo
you receive ricevi
he/she receives riceve
we receive ricevimo
all of you receive ricevete
they receive ricevono
I open apro
you open apri
he/she opens apre
we open apriamo
all of you open aprite
they open aprono
I sleep dormro
you sleep dormi
he/she sleeps dorme
we sleep dormiamo
all of you sleep dormite
they sleep dormono
I serve servo
you serve servi
he/she serves serve
we serve serviamo
all of you serve servite
they serve servono
I leave (a place) parto da
you leave (a place) parti da
he/she leaves (a place) parte da
we leave (a place) partiamo da
all of you leave (a place) partite da
they leave (a place) partono da
I leave (for a place) parto per
you leave (for a place) parti per
he/she leaves (for a place) parte per
we leave (for a place) partiamo per
all of you leave(for a place) partite per
they leave (for a place) partono per
I hear sento
you hear senti
he/she hears sente
we hear sentiamo
all of you hear sentite
they hear sentono
I follow/take a course seguo
you follow/take a course segui
he/she follows/takes a course segue
we follow/take a course seguiamo
all of you follow/take a course seguite
they follow/take a course seguono
I offer offro
you offer offri
he/she offers offre
we offer offriamo
all of you offer offrite
they offer offrono
I wish (somebody) auguro
you wish (somebody) auguri
he/she wishes(somebody) augura
we wish (somebody) auguriamo
all of you wish(somebody) augurate
they wish (somebody) augurano
I give a present regalo
you give a present regali
he/she gives a present regala
we give a present regaliamo
all of you givea present regalaon
I bring/carry/wear porto
you bring/carry/wear porti
he/she brings/carries/wears porta
we bring/carry/wear portiamo
all of you bring/carry/wear portate
they bring/carry wear portano
I forget dimentico
you forget dimentici
he/she forgets dimentica
we forget dimenticiamo
all of you forget dimenticano
I cook cucino
you cook cucini
he/she cooks cucina
we cook cuciniamo
all of you cook cucinate
they cook cucinano
all of you forget dimenticate
I cost costo
you cost costi
he/she costs costa
we cost costiamo
all of you cost costate
they cost costano
I arrive arrivo
you arrive arrivi
he/she arrives arriva
we arrive arriviamo
all of you arrive arrivate
they arrive arrivano
I love amo
you love ami
he/she loves ama
we love amiamo
all of you love amate
they love amaon
I pay pago
you pay pagi
he/she pays paga
we pay pagiamo
all of you pay pagate
they pay pagano
I organize organizzo
you organize organizzi
he/she organizes organizza
we organize organizziamo
all of you organize organizzate
they organize organizzano
I order ordino
you order ordini
he/she orders ordina
we order ordiniamo
all of you order ordinate
they order ordinano
I invite invito
you invite inviti
he/she invites invita
all of you invite invitate
they invite invitano
I celebrate festeggio
you celebrate festeggi
he/she celebrate festeggia
we celebrate festeggiamo
all of you celebrate festeggiate
they celebrate festeggiano
I prepare preparo
you prepare prepari
he/she prepares prepara
we prepare prepariamo
all of you prepare preparate
they prepare preparano
Created by: Ciao