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PuHui class 11/1

wrist surgery, thai metal x show

我给他们看了我们的产品,并请他们出价 Wǒ gěi tāmen kànle wǒmen de chǎnpǐn, bìng qǐng tāmen chūjià I showed them our products and asked them to bid
他们出的价格高吗? Tāmen chū de jiàgé gāo ma? Are their quoted prices high?
他们出的价格合适吗? Tāmen chū de jiàgé héshì ma? Are their quoted prices suitable?
有的很低, 有的很高 Yǒu de hěn dī, yǒu de hěn gāo some are low, some are high
我跟医生预约在11月20号进行手术,把钉子取出来 Wǒ gēn yīshēng yùyuē zài 11 yuè 20 hào jìnxíng shǒushù, bǎ dīngzi qǔ chūlai I made an appointment with the doctor to perform surgery on November 20 and take the nail out.
预约 Yùyuē reservation, appt
进行手术 Jìnxíng shǒushù conduct, carry out, do
所以 这两件事 起 冲突 了 Suǒyǐ zhè liǎng jiàn shì qǐ chōngtúle So these two things have conflicted.
我想提前 做手术 Wǒ xiǎng tíqián zuò shǒushù I want to have surgery in advance.
说得通 Shuō dé tōng make sense
这样,这两件事 就不会 起冲突 了 Zhèyàng, zhè liǎng jiàn shì jiù bù huì qǐ chōngtúle In this way, these two things will not conflict.
我 就 可以 顺利地 去 泰国 出差 了 Wǒ jiù kěyǐ shùnlì dì qù tàiguó chūchāile I can go to Thailand on a business trip smoothly.
赞美 Zànměi praise
贸易展览会 Màoyì zhǎnlǎn huì Trade exhibition
金属X-泰国金属制造贸易展 Jīnshǔ X-tàiguó jīnshǔ zhìzào màoyì zhǎn Metal X-Thai Metal Manufacturing Trade Show
泰国 金属制造业贸易展 Tàiguó jīnshǔ zhìzào yè màoyì zhǎn Thailand Metal Manufacturing Trade Show
Created by: Ke Si Gao



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