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Italian notes

Italian (advanced list) prepositions, conjunctions, ect

affinché in order to..
altrove elsewhere
anzi thus
anzi che... as well as
appena just as
arretrato behind
innanzi before
intorno around
sebbene although
caro for, because
eppure, tuttavia (2 possibilita') however
altrove besides
in piedi standing up
dentro inside
di piu' moreover
ormai henceforth
sotto under
sopra over
quindi therfore, henceforth
insomma in conclusion, in brief
ebbene so,...then...?
dunque in conclusion, so...
percio' for which, so (as a result/consequence)
infine finally, at last
inoltre besides
oltre che besides (that), other than
poi then (sequentially)
dopo after
verso towards
nei confronti di facing, confronted with...
all'incerca about, around, approximately
circa around
un tempo formerly
fino a until, up to (physical or temporal event)
finché until (something happens)
nonstante in spite of
allora then, ok then...
malgrado even so, despite
benché even if
lo stesso the same
nemmeno nevertheless
invece instead, on the other hand
dappertutto everywhere
ovunque anywhere
piuttosto rather (conjunction, not verb)
purché provided that
quanto a as for, regarding
qualque volta sometimes
senzache unless
sopratutto especially, overall..
mentre while, whereas
nondimeno nevertheless
volontieri gladly, willingly
riguardo a regarding, concerning (syn. 'quanto a')
altrimenti otherwise
cosi' via so on and so forth
neppure either
se if, whether
pure too, also, (conj) yet...
cioé that is, namely
tanto. (adj) ...quanto (noun)... as (much)...as... (Comparative Clause)
o...o.. either..., or...
ossia that is, rather
di modo che so that...
neanché neither,either, not even
pertanto so, therefore
oppure or, otherwise
con tutti cio' in spite of (or) given of all that...
altrimenti otherwise, or else