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Replication, Transcription, Translation, and Bioinformatics

The process of taking a DNA template and making a complementary RNA molecule is called? Transcription
____RNA polymerase plus sigma factor together are called ______ Core; holoenzyme
A consensus sequence of any genetic element is the sequence with the most likely base/bases at each position.
DNA-dependent____ polymerase makes a copy of DNA that is then used for translation. The process carried out by this enzyme is called______. RNA; transcription
A consensus sequence of any genetic element is the sequence with the most likely base (or bases) at each position
Molecules of sRNA do not encode proteins but are used to____ the stability or translation of specific mRNAs into proteins. regulate
In the absence of Rho, what can bring about transcription termination? GC-rich region near the 3' terminus followed by four to eight uridines
The unusual bases found in tRNA are poor substrates for RNases
Different _____ can bind simultaneously to the start of each gene within a polygenic mRNA. ribosomes
What is a codon? A set of three nucleotides that encodes a particular amino acid
What is sigma factors? A protein needed to bind RNA polymerase for the initiation of transcription in bacteria. No sigma factors, no transcription.
What is a genome? All of the genetic information that defined an organism.
What are Introns and Pseudogens?? They are noncoding DNA sequences that make up a large portion of eukaryotic chromosomes.
The average half life for mRNA in a typical bacterium such as E.coli is 1-3 minutes
The significance of the Shine-Dalgarno sequence is that it is the site where______________________. a ribosome binds so that it can initiate translation
The typical bacterial ribosomes is composed of two subunits made of three RNAs and at least 50 proteins.
The term "____" is used to describe movement of a protein from one compartment to another. translocation
SRP stands for_____, and it plays a role in ________. signal recognition particle; secretion
Signal sequences are found where? at the N-terminal end of a protein
Genes that have arisen from a duplication within a species and have evolved to carry out different functions are referred to as? paralogs
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