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Geography summer test 2019

Name the two Cold climates in order of proximity to the poles. tundra and boreal
Name the two Hot climates in order of proximity to the equator. equatorial, savannah and hot dessert
How high above sea level is the Tropopause? 11km
What percentage of the suns heat reaches the ground? 50%
Cold air ... falls
Warm air ... rises
High pressure = cold air and good weather
Low pressure = warm air and rain
High clouds = cirrus
Medium altitude clouds = cumulus
Low altitude clouds = stratus
Moist air mass is forced to rise relief rain
Warm moist air rises up rapid;y due to the suns heat convectional rain
Warm air mass and cold air masses meet frontal rain
Is the North Atlantic Drift a Warm or Cold ocean current? warm
Is the labrador current a Warm or Cold ocean current? cold
Anti-cyclones occur in areas of high pressure or low pressure? high pressure
Depressions occur in areas of high pressure or low pressure? low pressure
When warm air masses and cold air masses meet, which rises? warm air
Wind vanes measure ... wind direction
Aneroid Barometers measure ... pressure
Anemometers measure ... wind speed
Rain gauge measures the amounts of ... rainfall
Campbell stokes sunshine recorder measures ... Hours of sunlight
Wet and Dry bulb thermometers (hygrometer) measures ... relative humidity
Isotherms measure areas of equal ... temperature
Isobars measure areas of equal ... pressure
Isotachs measure areas of equal ... wind speed
Non-Finite energy is ... renewable
Finite energy is ... Non renewable
Created by: epbrogan