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Science Finals

Changes are occurring all around you and every change requires ___. Energy
The ___ an object is moving the more kinetic energy it has. Faster
A roller coaster at the top of the hill has ___ potential energy and ___ kinetic energy. High & Low
Springs and rubber bands both have ___ potential energy. Elastic
As a car moves, its engine changes the chemical energy of fuel into ___ energy. Mechanical
Friction creates heat and lowers the ___ of machines. Efficiency
Waves are disturbances that transfer ___ from one point to another. Energy
The highness or lowness, or the ___ of a sound depends on the frequency of the sound waves. Pitch
The motion of two or more waves passing through the same medium at the same time is called ___. Interference
Light travels in a straight line called a ___. Ray
Light waves can travel through empty space without needing a solid, liquid, or gas ___. Medium
Some rays of light pass through a ___ object, and some light rays are blocked or bent in different directions. Translucent
Concave mirrors curve inward, convex mirrors curve outward, and ___ mirrors are flat. Plane
A ___ telescope uses two convex lenses to form an image while a ___ telescope uses a concave mirror to form an image. Refracting & Reflecting
A wave that can travel through matter or through empty space is called an ___ wave. Electromagnetic
The electromagnetic waves in the electromagnetic spectrum have different amounts of energy are ___. Speed of light
The light that is reflected by an object determines the ___ of the object. Color
Heat is a form of ___ energy caused by the movement of molecules that make up all matter. Kinetic
Heat energy can move in three ways: ___, ___, and ___. Conduction, Convection, & Radiation
Conduction is the only way that thermal energy can travel through ___. Solids
Atoms are made of ___, ___, and ___. Protons, Neutrons, & Electrons
Grounding provides a safe path for ___ to follow. Lightning
A child walks down a carpeted hall and touches her brother. She is surprised that he felt a shock. What might have happened? The child's shoes against the carpet generates static electricity which goes to the child to her brother.
According to its scientific definition, work occurs when a ___ makes an object move. Force
The force you use when you use a machine is called the ___ force, or the effort force. Input
An example of a simple machine that has no moving parts and can be used to remove the lid from a paint can is a ___. Screw
Simple machines make it easier to do work by changing either the ___ needed to do the work or the ___ through which the force is applied. Force & Distance
The part of the bar where the effort force is applied is called the ___ arm. Effort
A wheel and axle is a type of ___ lever. First-class
Do simple machines reduce the amount of work we do? Explain. No. We do the same amount of work because simple machines only make it easier to do, not reduce the amount of work.
Coal is burned to boil water. The steam turns a turbine connected to a generator. As the generator spins within a ___ field, electricity is produced. Magnetic
In a hydroelectric power plant, ___ water spins a turbine. Flowing
Wind turbines convert the energy of the wind into ___. Electricity
Which alternative energy source would be the best for residence in Louisiana? Explain the reason for your selection. Hydroelectricity because there are a lot of lakes in Louisiana and it rains a lot.
Created by: Floofi