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amitriptyline tricyclic antidepressant elavil tricyclic antidepressant
amlodipine BP/angina norvasc CCB
amlodipine/atorvastatin BP/cholesterol caduet CCB/hmg co-a reductase inhibitor
amlodipine/benazepril BP lotrel CCB/ACEI
amlodipine/valsartan BP exforge CCB/ARB
Anastrozole breast cancer arimidex aromatase inh
aripiprazole antipsychotic bipolar abilify antipsychotic
atenolol angina BP tenormin BB
atenolol/chlorthalidone BP tenoretic BB/diuretic
atomoxetine ADHD strattera norepinephrine reuptake inh/stimulant
azelastine nasal antihistamine astelin nasal antihistamine
azithromycin macrolide antibiotic zithromax macrolide AB
baclofen muscle relaxer lioresal muscle relaxer
benazepril BP lotensin ACEI
benazepril/hctz bp lotensin hct acei/thiazide diuretic
benztropine parkinsons/extrapyramidal cogentin antiparkinsonsonian/anticholinergic
bimatoprost ocular hypertension/glaucoma lumigan or latisse prostaglandin
bisoprolol/hctz bp ziac selective BB/thiazide
brimonidine ocular hypertension/glaucoma alphagan alpha2 agonist
budesonide asthma pulmicort inhaled corticosteroid
budesonide/formoterol asthma/copd symbicort inhaled corticosteroid/bronchodilator
bupropion depression/smoking cessation wellbutrin monocyclic antidepressant
buspirone anti anxiety buspar anti anxiety
candesartan HF/BP atacand arb
carbamazepine bipolar/epilepsy tegretol anticonvulsant
carbidopa/levodopa parkinsons sinemet anti parkinsons
carisoprodol muscle relaxant soma muscle relaxant
carvedilol HF/BP coreg BB
cefdinir 3rd cephalosporin omnicef 3rd cephalosporin
cefuroxime 2nd cephalosporin ceftin 2nd cephalosporin
celecoxib inflammation/OA/RA celebrex cox 2 inh
cephalexin 1st cephalosporin keflex 1st cephalosporin
cetirizine antihistamine 6 MO zyrtec antihistamine 6 MO
chlorthalidone thiazide hygroton BP/edema
citalopram depression celexa SSRI
clarithromycin COPD/pneumonia biaxin macrolide AB
clindamycin staph/strep/tissue/LRTI cleocin lincosamide AB
clindamycin topical acne cleocin T lincosamide AB topical
clobetasol skin disorders/plaque psoriasis temovate topical steroid
clonidine ADD/BP catapres alpha agonist
clotrimazole/betamethasone tinea (ringworm) lotrisone antifungal/anti inflammatory
colesevelam gout welchol chol
cyclosporine keratoconjunctivitis restasis calcineurin inh
desvenladaxine depression pristiq SNRI
dexamethasone steroid decadron steroid
dexmethylphenidate ADD focalin stimulant
diazepam anxiety/seizure valium benzo
diclofenac OA/RA voltaren NSAID
dicyclomine IBS (smooth muscle spasms) bentyl antimuscarinic
digoxin afib,HF digitek glycoside
diltiazem BP,angina cardizem CCB
diphenoxylate/atropine diarrhea lomotil antidiarrhea
divalproex seizure depakote anti seizure
donepezil alzheimers aricept cholinesterase inh
doxazosin BPH, BP cardura alpha blocker
doxepin alcoholism,depression,anxiety, insomnia sinequan Tricyclic antidepressant
doxycycline acne/gonorrhea vibramycin tetracycline AB
duloxetine anxiety,depression cymbalta SNRI
dutasteride BPH avodart 5alpha reductase inhibitor
adapalene acne differin retinoid
amiodarone antiarrhythmic cordarone antiarrhythmic
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