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Quiz for Healing Wounds of Trauma

When we are suffering, what do we need to remember about God's character? p 13 We we suffer, we try to make sense of our experience. What I know about God from the Bible is different than our culture. I am in conflict with our culture, other's theology and opinions.
What is the origin of suffering in the world? a. Sin entered the world when Adam and Eve disobeyed God. b. Satan rebelled against God and tries to get us to rebel. c. God gives us freedom to choose whether we will obey him or not.
How does God use suffering? a. To purify our faith. b. God turns evil to good. c. God comforts us in our suffering so we can comfort others.
Why is it difficult to believe in God's goodness when we suffer? 16-20 Don't believe in God's goodness. Focus on God's anger/judgment. Told we haven't done enough to please God. Teaching that God promises prosperity for everyone. Not growing in faith. Not speaking against Evil & Injustice. Childhood experiences.
What is the wound of the heart? 23 Our hearts can be wounded when we are overwhelmed with intense fear, helplessness, or horror in the face of death.
What are examples of heart wounds? Behavior. Painful. Pain has to come out. Denial. Isolating. It attracts sin. Takes time to heal. Can leave a scar.
How do people with wounded hearts behave? 24 The condition of our heart, impacts our life.
Created by: tikkunolam