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Unit 11 Ch 2 Exam

This is a StudyStack for the Unit 11 Ch. 2 Exam

The force that attracts masses to each other is called ____. gravity
Maria is sliding a box across the floor. She feels the box resisting her push. The resistance is caused by ____. friction
Alison dives t meters below the surface of a lake. The pressure on her ____, increases because of the weight of the water above her
The water in a fast-moving stream exerts less pressure on the bottom than the water in a slow-moving stream. This is an example of ____. Bernoulli's Principle
A hollow plastic ball and a solid metal ball are dropped from the same height in a vacuum. With no air resistance, gravity is the only force acting on the balls .What do you think is going to happen? The balls will fall at the same time
Charles wants to slide a chair across a carpeted floor. He could reduce the affect of friction by ____. Sliding a plastic sheet on the floor before he slides the chair
Suppose that you know the pressure excerted on an object. To calculate the force exerted you need to know the ____. surface area over which the force is applied
Bernoulli's Principle can be determined by hanging two inflated balloons on strings close together, but not letting them touch. If you blow between them, the crease in the speed of the air will create a ____. low pressure between the balloons and cause them to move toward each other
After a space shuttle is launched into orbit, gravity ____. continues to pull the shuttle towards the center of the Earth
Does the gravity increase or weaken as the space shuttle moves? Weakens
Rodger is designing a new model rock. He wants it to have as less air resistance as possible. What should he do? Decrease its surface area
When you carry a plastic bottle from a higher altitude to a low altitude, the sides of the bottle may crumble inward because the air pressure ____. outside the bottle increases while the pressure inside stays the same.
Which of the following is an example of something that uses Pascal's Principle? hydrolic machines
What is the unit that is used for measuring pressure? Pascals
How is the density of an object calculated? Dividing the mass over the volume
How does friction affect temperature? If you increase friction, you increase temperature
What might cause a balloon blown up at a low altitude to burst if it is taken up to a higher altitude? There is less air pressure, so the balloon will expand enoguh that it bursts. The change of pressure outside the balloon decreases as the pressure inside increases.
What makes mass and weight different from one another? Weight needs gravity and mass is how much space an object takes up.
What causes gravity to increase what causes it to decrease? Heavier object cause gravity to increase, as well as how close the objects are to one another. Decreasing gravity is caused by father apart objects and objects with less weight.
If you increase the force on an object, but keep the area the same, what happens to the pressure? The pressure would increase. (Make into sentence.)
How does water depth affect pressure? How does air volume affect pressure? When going deeper in the water, there would be a greater pressure because of the weight of the water. Going to a higher elevation. there is less air pressure.
What is the unit for measuring force? Newtons
gravity the force that objects exert on each other because of their masses
orbit the elliptical path of an object in space as it moves around another object due to gravity; to revolve around or move in an orbit
weight that force of gravity on an object
air resistance the fluid friction due to air
fluid a substance that can flow easily, such as a gas or a liquid
pascal the unit used to measure pressure
pressure a measuring of how much force is acting on a certain area
Bernoulli's Principle a statement that describes the effects of movement on fluid pressure. An increase in the speed of the motion of a fluid decreases the pressure within the fluid
Pascal's Principle a statement that says when an outside pressure is applied on an outside pressure is applied at any point to a fluid in a container, that pressure is transmitted throughout the fluid with equal strength.
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