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IQuiz 7


Director of 1987 Mali film Yeelen Souleymane Cisse
Director of 1998 film Ringu Hideo Nakata
French-Israeli drama film that won Golden Bear in 2019, and its Israeli director Synonyms, by Nadav Lapid
2019 Chinese film directed by Wang Xiaoshuai, starred Wang Jingchun and Yong Mei who won Silver Bear for Best Actor and Actress So Long, My Son
Abbreviation of International Federation of Film Critics, based in Belgium, often give out awards during major film festivals FIPRESCI
American who was the first woman to win the Abel Prize (2019) Karen Uhlenbeck
Born Arlette Pinheiro Esteves Torres, actress considered greatest of all time in Brazil, only one nominated for an Oscar - for Central Station (1998) Fernanda Montenegro
Female singer known as the Nightingale of India Lata Mangeshkar
Group of historical novels and their French author - described by George RR Martin as the "original game of thrones" The Accursed Kings, by Maurice Druon
Three films in Robert Rodriguez's Mexico Trilogy El Mariachi, Desperado, Once Upon a Time in Mexico
Chinese author who won Nobel Prize for Literature in 2000, now lives in France Gao Xingjian
Two Greek winners of Nobel Prize for Literature and years Giorgos Seferis (1963), Odysseas Elytis (1979)
Two Swiss winners of Nobel Prize for Literature and years Carl Spitteler (1919), Herman Hesse (1946, but born in Germany)
Two Japanese winners of Nobel Prize for Literature and years Yasunari Kawabata (1968), Kenzaburo Oe (1994)
Only nocturnal, flying, fruit eating bird - two names Oilbird (aka guacharo)
Second largest city in Serbia Novi Sad
Polish author and playwright, first novel was Ferdydurke (1937) Witold Gombrowitz
Brazil's first planned modern city, and state of which it is the capital Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais
Condition where males have premature ejaculation or impotence, and believe they are passing semen in their urine Dhat syndrome
President of Tunisia since 2014, aged 88 when sworn in Beji Caid Essebsi
Finnish sniper nicknamed White Death, killed 505 people - most of any sniper Simo Hayha
Person who wrote, directed and starred in the notoriously awful 2003 film The Room Tommy Wiseau
Largest flying creature to have ever existed Quetzalcoatlus
First Russian supermodel to appear on cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue (2011), was in relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo and now with Bradley Cooper, with whom she has a child Irina Shayk
US model who in 2018 became the third African-American to appear on cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Danielle Herrington
Co-creator and director of the 1954 film Godzilla Ishiro Honda
5 point scale that measures prejudice in a society - level 5 is "Extermination" Allport's Scale
Name of fire in Wisconsin in 1871, deadliest in history, that was the same day as Chicago fire Peshtigo fire
7-string zither-like Chinese instrument, associated with Confucius Guqin
Pioneer of motion pictures - was played by Robert Donat in 1951 film The Magic Box William Friese-Greene
Lung disease caused by exposure to cotton dust - aka "Monday fever" Byssinosis
Chinese historian of Han dynasty, wrote Records of the Grand Historian, known as father of Chinese historiography Sima Qian
CEO and co-founder of Pinterest Ben Silbermann
Time period covered by Han dynasty 206 BC - 220 AD
Goat-antelope found in Himalayas, aka cattle chamois or gnu goat Takin
Capital of Republic of Somaliland Hargeisa
Japanese form of mounted archery - an archer on a horse shoots three turnip-headed arrows at wooden targets Yabusame
Frenchman who was the main proponent of the Theatre of Cruelty, wrote 1938 work The Theatre and Its Double Antonin Artaud
Largest freshwater lake in Japan Lake Biwa
New Zealander and Swede who have six Speedway titles each - the most Ivan Mauger, Tony Rickardsson
6th century monk from eastern Europe who invented the AD era Dionysius Exiguus
Old Nordic/Celtic strategy board games played on a checkered board with two armies of uneven numbers Tafl (or hnefatafl)
Almond filling in cakes named for a perfumer to Louis XIII Frangipane
Erasmus Bridge connects the north and south of this city Rotterdam
President of Guatemala from 1982 to 1983, went to trial in 2012 for genocide, died of heart attack in 2018 Efrain Rios Montt
Africa's first female billionaire and richest woman Isabel dos Santos (daughter of former Angolan President)
Ukranian who holds world record for women's triple jump, won 1995 world championship and also first ever winner of Olympic gold in 1996 Inessa Kravets
Cameroonian who won women's triple jump Olympic gold in 2004 and 2008, only female to win two Francoise Mbango Etone
Soviet who won three men's triple jump in 1968, 1972, 1976 Viktor Saneyev
American who won world championships in triple jump in 2011, 2015 and 2017, also won Olympic gold in 2012 and 2016 Christian Taylor
Created by: ischultz35
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