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Poultry Anatomy

Poultry Anatomy - Avian Bowl HCHS FFA

Supports the abdomen Abdominis
Elevates and depresses the tail Coccygis
Flexes the toes Flexor peforans
Extends the toes downward Gastrocnemius
Flexes and extends the hip Iliotibialis
Draws the humerus inward Latissimus
Maintains bird posture Longissimus
Flexes the abdomen Obliquus
Depresses the wing Pectoralis major
Elevates the wing Pectoralis minor
Extends the tarsometartarsus outward Peronus
Moves the feathers Pterylarum
Flexes the leg and rotates the leg outward Satorius
Flexes the knee joint and extends the thigh Semitendinosus
Depresses the scapula Serratus
Rotates the humerus Teres Major
Moves the scapula and draws the head left or right Trapezius
The segment of the stomach that contains cels that secrete gastric juices, which contain hydrochloric acid and the enzyme pepsin Glandular Stomach (Proventriculus)
Serves as the birds teeth; powerful thick muscle and has a thick tough lining, functions to grind coarse food Ventriculus or Gizzard
Main function is to secrete digestive enzymes and absorb nutrients. Small Intestine
Folded loop that encloses the pancreas Duodenum
Second section of the small intestine that is an area of increased nutrient absorption Jejunum
The last section of the small intestine that is responsible for the final stage of protein and carbohydrate digestion Ileum
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