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unit 6 B19

agenda n. the program for a metting; a list, outline, or plan of things to be considered or done. syn. schedule, docket What is the agenda?
amiable adj. friendly, good-natured syn.-pleasant, agreeable ant. unfriendly, ill-humored, gruff, hostile He is very amiable.
befuddle v. to confuse, make stupid syn.-bewilder, boggle, stupefy ant.- enilighten, set straight Corey can befuddle Emmet.
blight n. a disease that cause plants to wither and die; a condition of disease or ruin; v. to destroy, ruin syn.-n.eyesore;, v. spoil, nip ant.- foster, promote, nourish, encourage My plants have got blight.
boisterous adj. rough or noisy in a cheerful way; high spirited syn.-loud, unruly, disorderly ant.-quiet, calm, peaceful, well-behaved, sedate My brother is boisterous.
clarity n. clearness, accuracy syn.-lucidity, precision, ant.-murkiness, ambiguity This sentence was written with clarity.
compliant adj. wiling to do what someone else wants; obedient syn.-meek, docile, submissive ant.-disobedient, obstinate, rebellious, perserve The dog was not compliant.
conserve v. to preserve; to keep from being damaged, lost, or wasted; to save syn-guard, care for ant.- waste, squander, dissipate We need to conserve energy.
debut n. a first public apperance; a formal entrance into society; v. to make a first apperance The movie star made her debut yesterday,.
gory adj.marked by bloodshed, slaughter, or violence syn.-bloody, gruesome ant.-bloodless The movie was gory.
gross adj.- overweight; coarse, vulgar; very noticeable; total; n. an overall total (without dedutions); twelve dozen; v. to earn syn.-afdj. fat, sheer, utter, flagant ant.-adj.slender, thin, delicate, fine partial; n.+v. net Our gross income is 10,000,000,000.
induce v. to cause, bring about; persuade syn.-prevail upon, influence ant.- prevent, deter, hinder The shot induce sleep.
leeway n. extra space for moving along a certain route; allowance, for mistakes or inaccuracies; margin of error syn.- latitude, elbow room Can you give us some more leeway?
limber adj. flexible; v. to cause to become more flexible syn.-(adj.)supple, pliable (v.)stretch ant.-(adj.)stiff, rigid, wooden;(v.)stiffen The gymnast is limber.
maze n. a network of paths through which it is hard to find one's way;something very mixed-up and cofusing syn.-labyrinth, puzzle, tangle They could not find their way through the maze.
oracle n. someone or something that can prodict the future syn.-profet, seer, sibyl He is an oracle.
partisan n., adj. (would't fit of answer side) a strong supporter of a person, party, or cause; one whose support is unreasoning; a resistance fighter, guerrila; strongly supporting one side only syn-n. fan, booster; adj.partial,biased ant-n. critic,foe;adj.inpartial,neutral He is a partisan of Obama.
reimburse v. to pay back; to give payment for syn.-repay, refund, compensate He needs to reimburse me.
vacate v. to go away from, leave empty; to make empty; to void, annul syn.-depart, give up, abandon ant.- occupy, keep, hold, hang on to He had to vacate his house.
vagabond n. an idle wanderer; a tramp; adj. wandering; irresponsible syn.-n. vagrant, hobo;adj. unsettled, footloose ant.- n. homebody, resident; adj.- settled He became a vagabond after he had to vacate his house when he didn't reimburse his morage loan.
Created by: shootingace7