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History of Jazz II

History of Jazz Vocab II

Neo-Gospel or Soul Jazz Churchlike in concept. Relatively simple in melody and harmony.
Pentantonic Scale Five note scale
Polyphonic Music that combines several simultaneous, individual melodies
Prebop an out-growth of swing music, but more complex. A forerunner of bebop
Progressive Atonal jazz with many rhythms going on at the same time
Quartal Chords built using the interval of a fourth
Ragtime The crystallization of early American black music into a formal concept. Syncopation, improvisation, and Euro. classical techniques.
Repertory A collection of songs that a player or group is prepared to perform
Rondo A form used in European symphonic style, a theme is retured to in its orginal key after suborinate themes are introduced
Scat no words, voices used to make all the sounds
Secular Non-religious matters or groups
Sluring Sliding from one note to another- a feature of blues singing
Sonarities Harmonious sounds
Soul Jazz The essence of feelings and attitudes orginating in the black communities of the US.
Spirtuals Religious feelings and yearnings of American slaves expressed through music
Swing Dominant jazz style of the 1930s, heavy accents
Syncopation Displacement of teh normal accent of beats within a given measaure of music by the addition of unexpected accents
Syntax Rules governing phrases and sentences can be constructed. Creating distinctive musical language
Tonal Mass Clusters of notes through the orchestra, played simultaneously
12- Tone technique A 20th century method of composition devised by Schoenberg
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