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IQuiz 5


French judoka, has won 10 World Championships and two Olympic gold (2012, 2016) Teddy Riner
US female judoka, won 2010 World Championship and two Olympic gold (2012, 2016) Kayla Harrison
French judoka and politician, won 4 World Championships in the 1990s, and two Olympic gold (1996, 2000) David Douillet
Two disciplines of karate that will feature at 2020 Olympics Kumite ("grappling hands") and Kata (form)
Largest town on Danish island of Bornholm Ronne
Second-longest river within Poland (between Vistula and Oder) Warta
Polish seaport and capital of West Pomeranian Voivodeship, near the end of the Oder river Szczecin (Stettin)
Major shipbuilding town on the estuary of the Loire River near the Atlantic Saint-Nazare
The two major French cities on the Garonne river (which starts in Spain and flows northwest) Toulouse, Bordeaux
Pope that excommunicated Elizabeth I in 1570 Pius V
Pope that excommunicated Henry VIII in 1538 Paul III
Pope that excommunicated Martin Luther in 1521 Leo X
Polish male hammer thrower who won World Championship gold in 2013, 2015 and 2017 Pawel Fajdek
Russian male hammer thrower who won Olympic gold in 1976 and 1980, world champion in 1991 and holds world record Yuriy Sedykh (86.74m)
Soviet female athlete who holds world record in shot put, won World Championship in 1987 and Olympic gold in 1988 Natalya Lisovskaya
French decathlete who won the 2017 World Championship and holds the world record Kevin Mayer
Slovak cyclist who has won the green points jersey six times (2012-16, 2018), tied with Erik Zabel for the record Peter Sagan
Chinese liquor made from distilled sorghum, possibly the most drunk liquor in the world Baijiu (aka shaojiu)
Korean spirit made by HiteJinro, biggest selling in the world Soju
Japanese distilled rice beverage, far less fruity than sake Shochu
Technique of decorating metalwork by using thin strips of soldered gold or silver along with inlays of small gems or glass - French for "compartments" Cloisonne
Torte (cake) that has a lattice pastry design Linzer torte (named for Linz)
Coastal town in Montenegro - area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site Kotor
English fashion designer considered father of haute couture Charles Frederick Worth
Paco is a nickname for this longer name Francisco
A denier is the mass in grams per this number of metres of a fabric 9000m
Spanish grape variety that means "a little early" as it tends to open earlier than other varieties Tempranillo
Acclaimed Irish milliner who designed the famous pretzel hat worn by Princess Beatrice in 2011 Philip Treacy
First codified set of laws (1512) about behaviour of Spaniards in the Americas Laws of Burgos
Italian secret society from 1800 to 1831 who aimed for Italian independence Carbonari
Chinese martial artist and folk hero who was subject of over 100 films Wong Fei-Hung
French admiral who commanded the French and Spanish fleets at Battle of Trafalgar, lost to Nelson Pierre-Charles Villeneuve
Ukranian easter egg Pysanka
Foster mother of Zeus, suckled him in form of a goat Amalthea
The two families of hadrons Baryons and Mesons
Work by John Donne that includes "no man is an island" and "for whom the bell tolls" Meditation XVII
1926 novella and its author - became the film Eyes Wide Shut Traumnovelle by Arthur Schnitzler
Considered father of anarchism Pierre-Joseph Proudhon
The genus for honeysuckle Lonicera
French Socialist leader and co-founder of L'Humanite newspaper who was assassinated in 1914 Jean Jaures
Founded in 2002, second most prestigious soccer competition in South America Copa Sudamericana
Argentine club that has won the Copa Libertadores seven times - the most of any team Independiente
Ecuadorian player who has scored 54 goals at the Copa Libertadores, easily the most of any player Alberto Spencer
Most successful Uruguay club at the Copa Libertadores with five wins Penarol
Only Chinese race on the UCI World Tour (since 2017) Tour of Guangxi
The third lesser-known member of The Fugees Pras Michel
Norwegian cross-country skier, won 13 World Championship gold - most of any male, and 2 Olympic gold (2010) Petter Northug
Russian female cross-country skier, won 14 World Championship gold (second behind Marit Bjorgen), and 3 Olympic gold (1992, 1994, 1998) Yelena Vyalbe
Scale that measures prejudice in a society Allport's scale
Highest point in mainland Netherlands, also a tripoint between Netherlands, Germany and Belgium Vaalserberg
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