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PRE1 Chap 40

Vascular Imaging

define angiography imaging technique used to visualize the inside, or lumen, of blood vessels with particular interest in the arteries, veins, and the heart chambers.
define guide wire device that allows safe introduction of the catheter into a vessel intraveiniously in IR procedures
what is the most common place for arterial access common femoral artery
what is guide wire made out of Stainless steal
what are the three main types of rapid sequence filming devices roll film changer cut film changer cineangiographic
what is the cineangiographic resembles a movie camera replaced the TV camera tube
cineangiographic 3 important components automatic brightness control (ABC) beam splitting mirror cine camera
what is the automatic brightness control (ABC) used to compensate beam quality or quantity for differences in anatomic thickness or density by adjusting kVp or Ma or both
what is beam splitting mirror permitting simultaneous filming and viewing during the procedure. mirror directs 10% of the image to the television and 90% to the cine camera
what is the cine camera resembles a movie camera and complexed device that allowed filming of cineangiographic images
exposure in the cine camera could be made from where the action of the shutters or the action of the X-ray beam
what is the benifit to digital image acquisition reduced pt dose and increased resolution of the image as well as reduction in cost
what kind of generator is used hight frequency multiphase or three phase wit h12 pulse per second
why is high frequency the choice for vascular imaging allow for high mA stations usually 800-1000 mA and low kVp usually 50 -100 kVp
high mA station with low kVp will improve OR degrade visibility of the constant media against surrounding soft tissue improve
what is the difference in vascular imaging x ray tubes as opposed to general X-ray imaging tubes ability to withstand high amounts of heat
where does heat production occur at the anode
Image intensifier can either be _____ or ________ analog or digital
what does a analog image intensifier require the use of charge coupled device CCDs and an analog to digital converter to produce the digital image
what is the last part of the digital image acquisition system image processor
digital image acquisition system consists of what image processing hardware and a computer
what are the modes of digital image acquisition digital angiography (DA) digital subtraction angiography (DSA) digital cineradiography (cine)
what is digital angiography (DA) involves the production of one image, similar to the last hold in fluoro used to check placement
digital angiography (DA) is also know as spot film devices
what is digital subtraction angiography (DSA) involves elimination bone and soft tissue from the image so that only contrast filled vessels remain
what is digital cineradiography (cine) primary used for cardiac catheterization numerous exposures are taken know as frames are taken per second
what is the exposure rate for digital cineradiography (cine) 15,30,60 frames per second
what does high frame rates offer in vascular imaging that is not in general fluoro high resolution
what is window level adjusts density
what is window width adjusts contrast or brightness
what is annotation allows user to mark L and R sides
what is pixel shifting when pt moves from the mask image to the injection image this allows the user to correspond with the pt movement
what is edge enhancement used to accentuate the edges of the vessel or small structure so they can be seen
can to much edge enhancement be bad yes, to much can cause distortion to the image
what is view tracing combining numerous frames into one image to demonstrate a completely filled contrast structure
what is the most important feature on the c arm assembly the relationship of the X-ray tube and image intensifier
why is the design of the X-ray tube and image intensifier so important because the CR of the x ray tube is always perpendicular to the Image intensifier and at right angles to the body part
a typical c arm assembly consists of 4 parts name them x ray tube, the image intensifier the gantry and the point of attachment
what does a contrast media device allow for that would be difficult to inject by hand large bolus injections
what are the components of digital image acquisition x ray tube generator image intensifier image processor
what are precautions when contrast media is used on a pt pt must be monitored (EKG and 02 station) crash cart ready pt stay mobile for a few hours vitals monitored
what did Seldinger invent method w/ catheter and guide wire in 1953
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