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Pre 1 Chap 37

Tomography and mobile

what is the principal advantage of tomography improved image contrast
what is the fulcrum pivot point around the motion of the tube and the IR
is tomography dynamic or static process dynamic
is the exposure angle to thickness a inverse or direct relationship inverse
OID increases, blur _________, OID decreases blur _________ increases decreases
exposure amplitude and slice are _________ related reversely related
what kind of imaging is tomography imaging by section
when was tomography developed 1921
exposure amplitude and blur are __________related directly
when there is a _______ distance from fulcrum than a ______ blur will occur large large
what % in change is minimal to provide a visible difference 4%
what are the types of motion linear curvilinear
what is blur affected by exposure amplitude distance from fulcrum distance from IR (OID) orientation of tube motion
where is the focal plane plane where the anatomy of interest is located
what is the phantom image blur edges or blur margins
what is section thickness width of focal plane controlled by exposure arc/angle
define linear motion moving along a straight line
define curvilinear linear direction of motion
what are some problems with linear movement constant fluctuation of SID and OID structure parallel to motion are not as blurred arc/or angle is limited to 48º deduction distortion
what is the pros of curvilinear maintains SID and OID and reduced magnification differences
what are the pros of digital tomosynthesis images manipulated by post acquisition algorithm instead of producing additional images
how many images are required for reprocess in tomography 10
what will determine how much tissue is visualized thickness
true or false tomography is used to localize object from super imposition true
how many seconds are required for exposure in tomography 3-6 seconds
what will happen with too short of exposure in tomography full blurring will not occur
what will happen with to long of exposure density will increase
how can you eliminate scatter tight collimnation parallel grids and grid lines in same direction as tube motion
what is zonography narrow angle tomography
narrow exposure tomography exposure amplitude is less than 10º usually 5-10º
what is wide angle tomography when exposure amplitude is greater then 10º usually 30-50
narrow angle tomography has ________ ________ but ________ _________ because of thickness reasonable contrast poor detail
wide angle tomography has ________ ________ but ________ _________ because of thickness low contrast fair recorded detail
what is the principal disadvantage for tomography increase pt dose
tomography is a technique that employees what kind of motion synchronous motion with the CR and IR
tomography primarily demonstrates which section coronal
the chest is best proformed in what position erect
how many lead aprons should be on the mobile machine 2 you and pt
what are the radiation protection consideration time shield distance
what are complex types of motion linear circle elliptical figure 8 hypocycloidal trispiral
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