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PRE 1 Chap 36


who and when was invented fluoroscopic thomas Edison 1896
what is The primary function of a fluoroscope – is to provide real time dynamic image of anatomic structures
is fluro a dynamic or static study dynamic
what is the mA range for fluoroscopic x ray tubes .5. - 5.0mA
is pt dose higher or lower in fluro and why higher, bc of the length of the procedure
what is min SOD in fixed fluro 15"
what is min SID in mobile units 12"
what is ABC automatic brightness control
what is the disadvantage to using the magnification mode in fluro pt receives additiona dose
what is the milliamperage used during fluro < 5mA.( Less than 5mA )
which of the following hs the possiablity of demonstrating veiling glare and pincushion distortion conventional image intensifier
what is the energy sequence during image intensified fluroscopy xray to light to electrons to light
the ___absorbs electrons and emits light output screen
electrons hit the ______after exiting the anode output phosphor
define vignetting a loss of brightness around the edge of the fluoroscopic image due to the curve of the photocathode
what is brightnesss gain the capability of an image intensifier to increase illumination level of the image
what is formula for the amount of magnification created when in magnification mode MF= full size input phosphor / selected input phosphor
what is the formula for brightness gain minifcation gain x flux gain
what is vidicon old camera tube
true or false television monitoring does NOT allow brightness and contrast to be controlled electronically false
what part of the image intensifier converts remnant X-ray beams into light photons the input phosphor
in terms of resolution, which is the weakest part of the fluoroscopic system TV monitor
when operated in magnification mode, the electrostatic lens have ____ of a negative charge more
what part of the image intensifier absorbs light and produces electrons photocathode
the ability of the eye to detect differences in brightness levels is contrast perception
the electron gun in the monitor moves in the same ______pattern as the electron gun in the tube camera raster
visual acuity in the eye is greatest at the ______ where ______ are concentrated fovea centralis cones
the image intensifier improved fluoroscopy by increasing image ___ brightness
_______ imaging is accomplished with fluoroscopy as opposed to radiography Dynamic
the SSD should be no less than ____ for fixed or stationary fluoroscopic units and no less than ____ for mobile unites 38cm; 30cm
the input phosphor is _____ than the output phosphor larger
The brighter the image the _____ the image smaller
what is the minimum gauge a lead apron should be .5mm
what should you do to reduce Quantium mottle increase mA caused by to little exposure
what is flux gain measurement of the increase in light photons due to the conversion efficiency of the output screen
what is the minifacation formula D1/D2 squared or input screen diameter (2) over output screen diameter (2)
where is the anode positioned in the glass envelope immediately in front of the output screen
what is visual acuity ability to see detail
what is the structure in the eye responsible for vision cones and rods
what kind of vision is sensitive to low light and night vision scotopic vision
is fovea contrails responsible for cones or rods ONLY cones only
what kind of vision is responsible for bright light and color vision photopic vision
which is better at detecting differences in brightness levels, cones or rods cones
what year was the image intensifier introduced 1948
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