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Quiz Unknowns 6.1

Pages 6 to 10

What is the practice of using a domain name whose traffic relies on misspellings by internet users called? Typo-squatting
Which dinosaur, whose name means “wounding tooth”, is often said to be the most intelligent of all dinosaurs? Troodon
What is the common name of Halichoerus grypus, the larger of the two seal species found in the UK? Grey seal
By what name are the elements making up group 16 of the periodic table often known? Chalcogens
Which probe, built by the European Space Agency, crash landed on Comet 67P in September 2016? Rosetta
Who is the author of the 2016 novel Swing Time? Zadie Smith
The Odes, The Epodes and The Epistles are all works of which 1st century BC Roman author? Horace
The Kitchen, staged by the National Theatre in 2011, was the first work of which British dramatist? Arnold Wesker
Which 1990 Booker Prize-winning novel centres around a love affair between two fictional Victorian poets called Randolph Henry Ash and Christabel LaMotte? Possession
The Partido Popular, or People’s Party, is a mainstream conservative political party in which country? Spain
Who delivered the withering put-down, “Senator, you’re no Jack Kennedy”, in a 1988 vice presidential debate? Lloyd Bentsen
According to the saying, what does a rising tide lift? All boats
Satchel Paige was a famous figure in which US sport? Baseball
Natasha Khan is the real name of which English singer? Bat for Lashes
Shout Out To My Ex was a UK No 1 single for which group in 2016? Little Mix
Who had a hit in 2016 with the song Still Falling For You, which featured on the soundtrack to the film Bridget Jones’s Baby? Ellie Goulding
Who had a 2016 hit with Side To Side? Ariana Grande
Who has had UK Top 40 hits with Swing Low, Sweet Chariot, and Behind The Mask? Eric Clapton
The 2013 film Filth, starring James McAvoy, is based on a novel by which writer? Irvine Welsh
Which British-born actor played the role of Prince Michael of Moldavia in the TV soap Dynasty? Michael Praed
Shamus is a slang term for a what? Private investigator
Which poet wrote the line “audentes fortuna yuvat”, which is often translated as “fortune favours the brave”? Virgil
The Asian mammal called the gaur has which alternative name? Indian bison
In 1966, what became the first spacecraft to achieve a soft landing on the Moon? Luna 9
In 40 matches between 1905 and 2015, on how many occasions did the England rugby union team defeat the All Blacks? Seven
Since the 1960s, which Italian football match has become known as the Derby d’Italia? Juventus vs Internazionale
Roundhay Park is a large open space in which English city? Leeds
Craiova, the largest city in the region of Oltenia, is in which country? Romania
What is the name of Mark Knopfler’s guitarist brother, who was a co-founder of Dire Straits? David
What dish was created at the restaurant Antoine’s in New Orleans in the late 1890s, consisting of oysters cooked with a buttery sauce containing green vegetables? Oysters Rockfeller
Which cut of beef is often used in the classic dish of steak frites? Onglet
Which drink is often warmed in a ceramic decanter called a tokkuri? Sake
In bakery, in its basic form, what is a dacquoise? Nut meringue
Sam Quek and Maddie Hinch won Olympic gold medals in which sport at the 2016 Rio Olympics? Women's hockey
In The Mikado, which three characters mainly sing “Three little maids from school are we”? Yum-Yum, Peep-Bo, Pitti-Sing
Who plays the Queen in the 2016 film The BFG? Penelope Wilton
Dunfermline Palace, the birthplace of Charles I, is in which area of Scotland? Fife
The ballerina known as Alicia Markova was born in which city? London
The national beauty spot called Devil’s Dyke is accessible by which National Trail? South Downs Way
Aylesbury is the county town of which historic English county? Buckinghamshire
What was the name of John Thaw’s character in the 1970s TV drama The Sweeney? Jack Regan
Who plays the human lead role in the 2016 film A Street Cat Named Bob? Luke Treadaway
Which large shark is named after its habit of swimming or floating near the surface of the sea? Basking shark
Which word is now commonly used to describe a lecture presented over the Internet? Webinar
Which type of plant found growing in the UK is also known as shaggy moss? Electrified Cat's Tail Moss
Which British scientist is the co-author of the 2010 book The Grand Design? Stephen Hawking
Defeated by the French in the 1890s, Behanzin was the last monarch of which historical African kingdom? Dahomey
The Gerousia was the name for the council of elders in which ancient city state? Sparta
Which English king issued a proclamation known as the Coronation Charter, or Charter of Liberties, upon his succession? Henry I
In which royal palace was Elizabeth I born in 1533? Palace of Placentia (Greenwich)
In what year was the humorous magazine Viz first published? 1979
In which film are Bill Murray’s closing lines “It’s so beautiful, let’s live here. We’ll rent to start.”? Groundhog Day
Which Italian word is often used to describe the golden froth on top of an espresso coffee? Crema
What is a whimbrel? Wading bird in curlew family
The Italian scientist Marcello Malpighi is credited with being a pioneer in the use of what scientific instrument? Microscope
Elmer Ambrose Sperry and Herman Anschutz-Kaempfe were both early inventors of what instrument? Gyroscope
Named for a Parisian theatre, Grand Guignol is often used as a general term for what genre? Graphic horror
Which character in The Merchant of Venice has a daughter called Jessica? Shylock
Published in 2016, Keeping On Keeping On is a volume of diaries by which writer? Alan Bennett
Gomme is the French word for what item? Eraser
St Stephen’s Green is a park located in the centre of which major city? Dublin
What name is given to the ball-shaped sweet made principally of flour and sugar that is popular in Indian cuisine? Ladoo
Opus 74, entitled Four Psalms, was the final work of which composer born in 1843? Edvard Grieg
Which British soldier and administrator was described as a heaven-born general by Pitt the Elder? Robert Clive
What type of weapon was the medieval petrary? Catapault
Amy Robsart, who supposedly died from falling down the stairs at her home, was the first wife of which of Elizabeth I’s favourites? Robert Dudley
Which John Betjeman poem features the lines “Come, bombs, and blow to smithereens, those air-conditioned bright canteens, tinned fruits, tinned meat, tinned milk, tinned beans”? Slough
The historical region of Kafiristan is the setting for which 1888 work by Rudyard Kipling? The Man Who Would Be King
Which British slang word for a prison comes from the Hindi for a shed or lock-up? Chokey
Which actor played the role of Steve Wozniak in the Danny Boyle film Steve Jobs? Seth Rogen
Which Caribbean country celebrated the 50th anniversary of its independence from the UK in 2016? Barbados
What name is given to the microscopic openings in the epidermis of leaves or young stems? Stomata
What nickname was given to the World War II bomber the Handley Page Hampton? Flying Suitcase
Britain’s only venomous snake, the adder, is a member of which family? Viper
In which year were canaries finally phased out of British coal mines as an early warning protection against poisonous gases? 1986
What type of bird is the garganey, an occasional visitor to the UK? Duck
In football, what name is given to the technique of kicking the ball with the kicking foot wrapped behind the standing foot? Rabona
Which NBA basketball player set a record in November 2016 with 13 three-point baskets in a single match? Stephen Curry
Which boxer, born in 1883 and nicknamed the Boston Terror, earned a reputation as the greatest boxer never to win a world title? Sam Langford
What is the English translation of Zhujiang in the local name of a major Chinese river? Pearl
Nuages, Fetes and Sirenes are the three movements of an orchestral composition called Nocturnes by which composer born in 1862? Debussy
Andre Courreges, who died in 2016, was best known as a designer of which items? Clothes
Created by: ischultz35
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