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IQuiz 2


Dutch author of Under The Skin (2000) and The Crimson Petal and the White (2002) Michel Faber
US author of American Rust (2009) and The Son (2013) Philipp Meyer
Chinese admiral and explorer (1371 - 1433) who led a series of treasure voyages from China to east Africa Zheng He
Ethiopian-born British explorer (1910 - 2003) known for travelling through Arabia and Eastern Africa, author of 1959 work Arabian Sands Wilfred Thesiger
Famous red cup created by Leo Hulseman in 1930s, seen at US parties Solo Cup
Trees of genus Agathis, particularly known for their gum in NZ Kauri
Dynasty that ruled Georgia from Middle Ages until the early 19th century Bagrationi dynasty
Kina in New Zealand is a species of this creature Sea urchin
Island in Maddalena Archipelago near Sardinia where Garibaldi spent his last 27 years Caprera
Last Byzantine Emperor (1449 to 1453) Constantine XI Palaiologos
Major Oxford riot and year it occurred St Scholastica’s Day, 1355
Proper name for Persian New Year (or Iranian New Year) - occurs in March Nowruz
Italian equivalent of Art Nouveau Stile Liberty
Single-handed yacht race held every four years since 1978, from France to Guadalupe Route du Rhum
Hong Kong-based Chinese actor who played the villain Han in 1973 film Enter The Dragon Shih Kien
Genre of Chinese fiction about martial arts, also film genre etc - means “martial heroes” Wuxia
First President of Laos (1975 to 1991) Souphanouvong
Vientiane’s international airport Wattay
Kathmandu’s international airport Tribhuvan
Zagreb’s international airport Franjo Tudman
Real-life Scotsman on whom the novel The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde is based William Brodie
Major South Korean news agency Yonhap
Berber tribesmen nicknamed “the Blue Men” due to their indigo-dyed robes that also stain their skin Tuareg
British geologist who identified P-waves and S-waves of earthquakes, also confirmed that Earth has a central core Richard Dixon Oldham
Japanese period (300 - 538 AD) following Yayoi period and are known for their keyhole-shaped burial mounds Kofun period
Monumental complex in Peru known for its Thirteen Towers solar observatory Chanquillo
Name of the three shapes that appear on Paralympic flag Agito
German prosthetics company - long serving partner of Paralympic Games Ottobock
First opera by Rimsky-Korsakov The Maid of Pskov
Term for worship of one God while conceding that other gods exist too Henotheism
Proper name for Vitamin K1 Phylloquinone
Caribbean leaf vegetable stew originating in West Africa - main ingredient usually amaranth Callaloo
Two ingredients of a Slippery Nipple Sambuca and Baileys Irish Cream
Luxembourg-born photographer who directed 1944 Oscar-winning documentary The Fighting Lady Edward Steichen
Term for gilded bronze - ie. gilding a gold-mercury amalgam to bronze Ormolu
Half-brother of William the Conqueror, became Earl of Kent Odo
Alouette is French for this bird Lark
Played John Wilkes Booth in Birth of a Nation and went on to become a director Raoul Walsh
Final novel (2007) by Norman Mailer - about Hitler’s childhood The Castle in the Forest
Subtitle of Aaron Copland ballet Rodeo The Courting At Burnt Ranch
First single by Bauhaus, considered the first gothic rock record Bela Lugosi’s Dead
Horse breed that is a national emblem of Turkmenistan Akhal-Teke
A chemical system in equilibrium will respond to any change to form a new equilibrium - also known as this Le Chatelier’s principle
Skeletal figure who is the mascot of Megadeth Vic Rattlehead
Egyptian soccer club that is the most successful in Africa Al Ahly Sporting Club
Explorer and Cossack who started the Russian conquest of Siberia in the 16th century Yermak Timofeyevich
Name of short-lived Russian settlement in Djibouti during the Scramble for Africa Sagallo
Painting genre created to describe works by Antoine Watteau, literally means “courtship party” Fete galante
Opening line of Wilfred Owen’s Anthem for Doomed Youth What passing-bells for these who die as cattle
The three kingdoms that made up Korea Baekje, Silla, Goguryeo
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